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〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-20-18Map3-20-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001Map
2.14 Thu 19:00
上演時間Run Time 30分30 min
2.14 Thu 19:00
上演時間Run Time 30分30 min




Free (Reservation required)

TPAM Registrant Benefit: Free (Reservation required)

日本語・英語・韓国語Japanese, English, and Korean

観客とともに視覚からこの世界を認識していく視覚的、知覚的のみちのりを勉強し、それらの風景の経験を共感し、分け合う。また、耳を傾ける。ある日、外国人の作家は観客に寄り添い、話をききながらも通訳を介してのズレは観客との距離が置かれてしまう。そして作家はいつのまにか友人の顔がわからなくなり 孤立感を体感した話をきかせていく。二重構造のスクリーンを利用したレクチャー・パフォーマンス。

This performance explores the path of visual perception with the audience, and shares experiences about landscapes. The foreign artist listens to the audience’s stories, but the delay caused by the interpretation process makes the artist far removed from them. Then the artist tells a story about an experience of feeling isolation when not being able to recognize the face of a friend. This performance is a lecture performance using a dual-structured media through screens.




Visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea, who forms stories within the boundaries of the virtual world and reality, and creates performances which tear down and integrate crossroads. One of her objectives is to seek an image form of performance devoid of distinction between what is presented on stage and what actually happens behind the stage.