TPAM2017 website launched

February 11 (Sat) – 19 (Sun), 2017. Held across venues in the creative district in Yokohama, TPAM is an international platform for contemporary performing arts that comprises performance programs that reflect the current situations of performing arts in Asia and the world, exchange programs that facilitate networking among professionals and an open-call program where diverse shows and projects of artists, groups and organizers ranging from the emerging to internationally acclaimed get together. We look forward to participation of those who engage in the performing arts as professionals or audience.

Registration and Group Meeting host registration started!

• Inviting TPAM Fringe registration until November 21!

• Performance reservation at professional rates starts on December 3!

• Tickets for Fever Room, Taipei Notes and BALABALA will be available on December 3!

• Visit here or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest and additional information!