TPAM Showcase is a fringe program for artists/companies to have performances, studio showings, and workshops in and around Yokohama and Tokyo area during the TPAM period.

There is no selection process, but you have to have at least one performance/workshop during the TPAM period.

Also you can meet many Japanese and international professionals and build a relationship/network with them by participating in other programs of TPAM.

We welcome registrations by people who are eager to introduce their activities and build a professional network.

TPAM Showcase Registration Guideline

【Services that TPAM offers】
1) We disseminate information of your project.
We disseminate information of your project to TPAM participants via our flyer, website, program, and email news.
2) We sell tickets for TPAM participants.
We sell tickets of your performance and inform you about the results. During the TPAM period, we provide information and ticket guidance at the information desk.
3) We offer two TPAM Passes.
We want you to participate also in other programs of TPAM, so we offer two TPAM Passes that are valid for the whole period. We will announce what programs are accessible with the pass on our website.
4) We provide you with the contact list.
Only those who want to be listed when you register in the contact list can see it. It can be used for sending information directly to TPAM participants and/or inviting specific people to your project.

1) More than one performance, showing, workshop etc. during the TPAM period. (From February 11 to 19, 2017)
*Other programs of TPAM will be scheduled regardless of the coherence with TPAM Showcase timetable.
2) Venue in and around Yokohama and Tokyo
*Generally the area around Bashamichi Station and Nihon-Odori Station of the Minatomirai Line, and the main TPAM venues (Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1, BankART Studio NYK) are the base for TPAM participants. It can be difficult to draw them to venues that are very far from the area.
3) Acceptance of ticket sales for TPAM participants
We take care of the reservation procedures (you can limit the number) and receive 2% of the ticket price per ticket sale as a payment-processing fee.
4) Offer discount or invitation to TPAM participants
5) Offer an invitation ticket for TPAM secretariat
6) Credits in your promotional materials

a) TPAM logo below (we will send you the file after registration)

b) URL (


7) After the TPAM in Yokohama 2016, we ask you to provide the total number of the audience.
We will only expose the information as the total number of the audience of all the TPAM Showcase programs.

【Registration Fee】
35,000 JPY (tax included)
Payment methods: credit card (PayPal) or bank transfer

■ Early bird registration deadline: October 16, 2015 (Fri)
■ Registration deadline: November 24, 2015 (Tue)
*Registration on October 16th or earlier will be included on the TPAM in Yokohama 2016 promotion flyer. All the registrations will be included on the TPAM website and program booklet.

Please tell us about your plan via the form TPAM Showcase Registration / Consultation form
Registration closed

Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama
Shunsuke Manabe
Contact Form

TPAM Showcase venue recommendations
TPAM introduces the venues in the map below to artists who want to register their performance in Yokohama for TPAM Showcase. The service is basically on first-come-first-served basis, but it is possible that we make arrangements in accordance with the matching between the piece and the venue. If you want us to introduce a venue to you, please inform us about the following via the contact form.

・Name of the artist/group
・Full name of the person in charge
・Email address
・Telephone number
・Overview of the performance or description of what you intend to do
・Profile of the artist/group
・The venue you want us to introduce

– Venue recommendations
・Kawasaki H&B Theatre
・massxmass Kannai Future Center
・Taisei Po-Chi
・Sakura Works
・Chouja-machi Art Planet Chapter 2
・Nitehi Works

We are planning to add more venues to the list!

Contact us

Provide us with the necessary information via the contact form.

Preview the venue

We schedule it and accompany you.


We make arrangement between the intentions and requests of the artist/group and venue.

○ If the both parties agree


The venue and artist/group make a contract.

Preparation for the performance

The contract as well as communication after making the contract are conducted by the two parties: the venue and artist/group. TPAM does not interfere basically.

The day(s) of the performance