Mefisto For Ever: Post-Performance Talk

Satoshi Miyagi, Akira Shirai

2.14 Sun14:30-16:00
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With English-Japanese consecutive interpretation


Satoshi Miyagi, the director of Mefisto For Ever presented as a TPAM Contemporary Classics program, has been General Artistic Director of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) since 2007 and one of the leading figures in the management of Japanese public theaters. Having Akira Shirai, who is going to be appointed Artistic Supervisor of KANAGAWA ARTS THEATRE (KAAT) in April 2016, as the moderator, Miyagi talks about his thoughts that he put into this piece and tasks to be tackled in the management of public theaters in Japan.


Satoshi Miyagi(General Artistic Director of SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center)

Born in Tokyo in 1959. Director. General Artistic Director of SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center. Studied aesthetics from Odashima Yushi, Watanabe Moriaki and Hachiro Hidaka at Tokyo University, and founded the new theatre company KU NA’UKA in 1990. Being active in the international industry, his directing, which fuses contemporary textual interpretations with physical techniques and patterns of Asian theatre, receives high acclaims both domestically and abroad. He was appointed as the General Artistic Director of SPAC in April of 2007. Along with presentations of his own works, he invites pieces that sharply cut away at modern society from all over the world. Furthermore, he has started new projects aimed at the youth of Shizuoka, putting efforts into presenting theatre as “a window to the world”. In July 2014, he was invited to Festival d’Avignon and received excellent reviews for his staging of Mahabharata at la carrière de Boulbon. He is best known for such pieces as Medea, Mahabharata, Peer Gynt etc. In 2004 he received the 3rd Asahi Performing Arts Award. In 2005 he received the 2nd Asahi Beer Art Award.

Photo: Ryota Atarashi

Photo: Ryota Atarashi


Akira Shirai (Artistic Supervisor, Kanagawa Arts Theatre(KAAT))

Director and actor. Leader of the Yukizai / Zenjido Theater from 1983 to 2002. Has created a wide variety of works subsequently, from straight plays to opera. Recent directions include Mercury Fur, Peer Gynt and No. 9 – Immortal Melody. Has won the Yomiuri Theater Outstanding Director Award, the Yoshiko Yuasa Award and the Yoshio Sagawa Music Award, among others. Will become Artistic Director of KANAGAWA ARTS THEATRE (KAAT) in April 2016.