劇音協シンポジウム:日本の劇場、音楽堂等が「世界への窓」となるために 〜地域コミュニティから国際会議まで〜Symposium with the Liaison Council of Theaters and Halls in Japan: How Theaters and Halls in Japan Become “Windows to the World” — From Local Communities to International Conferences

滝口健、内藤美奈子、林健次郎、齋藤啓Ken Takiguchi, Minako Naito, Ken Hayashi, Kei Saito

横浜市開港記念会館 6号室Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Room 6
〒231-0005 横浜市中区本町1-6Map1-6 Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0005Map
2.12 Wed 10:00 - 11:30
2.12 Wed 10:00 - 11:30




¥500 (at door)

¥0 (reservation not required)

日本語(英語逐次通訳あり)Japanese with English consecutive interpretation


Organized by the Liaison Council of Theaters and Halls in Japan


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2020 Paralympic Games are soon to come and globalization in various fields are in progress. As Theater law (Act on the Vitalization of Theaters and Halls, in 2012) stipulates, it is expected for theaters and halls to promote international cultural exchange and contribute to develop global society as a role of opening a “window to the world.” Under circumstances like this, focusing on the international cultural exchange expected of both private and public theaters and halls in Japan, we will introduce a variety of cases from small scale exchange events in a community near you to large scale international meetings. We would like to explore this opportunity for theaters and halls to achieve being a “window to the world.” We will also promote the exchange of opinions among professionals inside and outside Japan and will provide opportunities to share knowledge at each level to deliberate the possibilities of international culture exchange.

滝口健Ken Takiguchi



Manager of Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo

He also works as a dramaturg and translator, and teaches part-time at Tokyo University of the Arts. Based in Malaysia and Singapore from 1999 to 2016, he has been involved in numerous intercultural theatre projects alongside working for The Japan Foundation office in Kuala Lumpur, The Necessary Stage in Singapore, and as a research fellow at the Theatre Studies Programme of National University of Singapore.

内藤美奈子Minako Naito


東京大学文学部卒業後、1985年よりパルコ劇場、1998年よりホリプロ、2010年より東京芸術劇場でプロデューサーとして公演制作に関わり、蜷川幸雄、野田秀樹、三谷幸喜、宮本亜門、前川知大、藤田貴大、プルカレーテらの作品を手掛ける。また来日公演、海外公演、国際共同制作などに携わる。主な作品は「ラヴ・レターズ」「リア王」「おのれナポレオン」「スウィーニー・トッド」。招聘アーティストはタデウシュ・カントール、ロイヤル・シェイクスピア・カンパニー、イヴォ・ヴァン・ホーヴェら。「THE BEE」世界10都市、「One Green Bottle」世界6都市ツアー、蜷川演出「トロイアの女たち」国際共同制作。

General Producer of Performing Arts / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Literature graduate from the University of Tokyo, worked with Parco Theater from 1985, HoriPro from 1998, and now with Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre since 2010, producing works of Yukio Ninagawa, Hideki Noda, Koki Mitani, Amon Miyamoto, Tomohiro Maekawa, Takahiro Fujita and Silviu Purcărete etc. Engaged in works in Japan and with international collaborations. Notables include: "Love Letters" "King Lear" "L’Honneur de Napoleon" and "Sweeney Todd". Invited artists include: Tadeusz Kantor, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Ivo van Hove etc. Toured "THE BEE" to 10 cities around the world, "One Green Bottle" to 6, and involved in Ninagawa's international collaborative production of "Trojan Women".

林健次郎Ken Hayashi

企画制作部長代理 兼 広報・マーケティンググループ チーフマネージャー/愛知県芸術劇場(公益財団法人愛知県文化振興事業団〕


Deputy GM and Chief Manager of PR & Marketing / Aichi Arts Center (AAC)

A broadcasting major from Los Angeles Valley College and a music major from California State University in Long Beach, Ken HAYASHI has started his career at Fuso Theater where he launched a series of mini-concerts every Friday night which made the theater well-known. He then moved to Kasugai Civic Culture Foundation (KCCF) as a manager and successfully reformed the organizational structure to improve the revenue/expenditure and the membership system. He also has been organizing the tour of “The Concert of Nodame Cantabile” that KCCF produced. In 2014, he moved to AAC (and joins AAPPAC every year since then). In addition, he teaches arts management and arts marketing at Nagoya University of the Arts as a guest professor since 2011.

齋藤啓(司会)Kei Saito (Facilitator)



Born in Tokyo and moved to Tottori in 2006 to take part in starting BIRD Theatre Company and BIRD Theatre. He has managed the company’s productions, venue’s annual programme, BIRD Theatre Festival and other international projects before leaving at the end of 2016 to work independently. From March 2018, he conducted a year-long internship programme in Scotland funded by Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs. He started working at ROHM Theatre Kyoto from January 2020. He is a Board Member of Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM).