KAAT神奈川芸術劇場 中スタジオKAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Middle Studio
〒231-0023 横浜市中区山下町281Map281 Yamashita-cho, Yokohama 231-0023 Map
2.14 Fri 17:30
2.15 Sat 11:00 / 17:30
上演時間Run Time 240分(入退場自由、開演90分後に「ごはんの時間」60分あり)240 min (re-entry unlimited, 60-min “time for food” at 90 min)
2.14 Fri 17:30
2.15 Sat 11:00 / 17:30
上演時間Run Time 240分(入退場自由、開演90分後に「ごはんの時間」60分あり)240 min (re-entry unlimited, 60-min “time for food” at 90 min)
日本語・英語Japanese and English





Ayaka Nakama is a dancer. She wants to be choreographed by everything that exists in the world. Freeway Dance is a time and place where she considers “other people’s memories (of their first dance)” as her choreography and lets her body dance. The running time is four hours including food break. The space is an indoor planted garden in which a swing, bookshelf and capsule-toy vending machine find their places. Audience can walk around the garden freely (they can also lie on the floor) to encounter Nakama’s solo dance. Phenomena that induce new dance, stimulated by her dance, lurk everywhere in the garden. Audience move spontaneously to discover them.

We start from deconstructing what constitutes the power system of the current production system, one element after another, apparently pastorally. And then we want to extract the outline of dance, connecting dance and infinite non-dance phenomena, through which this Direction aims to reflect on the “dance to come.”

Fumi Yokobori

中間アヤカ(神戸)Ayaka Nakama (Kobe)

1992年生まれ、ダンサー。Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance(ロンドン)を卒業後、「国内ダンス留学@神戸」1期に奨学生として参加、ダンサー奨励賞受賞。近年では黒沢美香、木村玲奈、contact Gonzo、チェルフィッチュ等の作品に出演する傍ら、自身の作品制作も行う。2018年度よりDANCE BOXアソシエイト・アーティスト。

Ayaka Nakama is a dancer based in Kobe, Japan. Born in 1992. Trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance (London) before continuing her studies as a scholarship student at dB Academy (Kobe). After graduating with Dancer Award, she has worked with Mika Kurosawa, Reina Kimura, Toshiki Okada (chelfitsch), contact Gonzo and many others. She also make her own work. In 2018 she became an associate artist of DANCE BOX.

横堀ふみ(DANCE BOX プログラムディレクター、神戸)Fumi Yokobori (Program Director, DANCE BOX, Kobe)

NPO法人DANCE BOXプログラム・ディレクター。神戸・新長田在住。劇場Art Theater dB神戸が活動拠点。ダンス・プログラムを中心に、ほぼ全ての作品/企画を滞在制作によって実施する。同時に、世界の様々な地域をルーツとする多文化が混在する新長田にて、独自の国際プログラムを志向する。新長田アートマフィア仕掛人・構成員。特定非営利活動法人舞台芸術制作者オープンネットワーク(ON-PAM)理事。

The program director of DANCE BOX. Lives in Shin-Nagara, Kobe, Japan, and works at the Art Theater dB Kobe as her base of activity. She carries out most works/projects through residency creation, with a focus on dance, and aims to develop unique international programs in Shin-Nagata, an area where multiple cultures from various regions in the world co-exist. A mastermind/member of Shin-Nagata Art Mafia. A board member of the Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM).

Photo by Junpei Iwamoto