スピード・ネットワーキングSpeed Networking

横浜市開港記念会館Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall
〒231-0005 横浜市中区本町1-6Map1-6 Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0005Map

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*Receptions by international delegates are planned to be held in the same venue before and after the Group Meetings.



10-minute, one-on-one meetings by appointment with festival directors and producers who come to TPAM from across Japan and the world. Participants with a professional purpose can efficiently promote their productions and projects to the hosts. In the 2019 edition, 280 meetings with 35 hosts from 18 countries were held. No additional fee required.

The hosts and timetable of Speed Networking will be announced in January 2020.

2月10日 10:00 - 12:002/10 10:00 - 12:00

Angela ConquetAngela Conquet

CEO兼芸術監督 / ダンスハウス(メルボルン)CEO and Artistic Director / Dancehouse, Melbourne

CEO and Artistic Director of Dancehouse. Under her tenure, Dancehouse has cemented its position as a centre for the independent dance sector with significant local impact and remarkable international reach. Her generative and proactive vision has been instrumental in orchestrating and enabling new models and new partnerships. She has reimagined Dancehouse’s relationship with artists, audiences and networks to broaden horizons and deepen engagement. Her current interests are in new cultural policies and alternative economic models that value the arts. She is a fierce advocate of the independent sector and a facilitator of connections and networks between artists, arts organizations and ideas.

Irene SeguraIrene Segura

国際担当兼アーティスト育成 / XTRAX,Without WallsInternational Relations and Artist Development / XTRAX, Without Walls

有名なショーケースの主催者であり、最大の野外芸術協会Without Walls(英国で30以上の催事を実施)の創設者兼代表者。XTRAXは英国や欧州への登竜門であり、その後の英国での野外公演を展開してくれる団体でもある。彼女は、Without Wallsだけでなく、英国や欧州、アジアのパートナーとの共同企画行う戦略的プログラムであるPlatform 4: UKも運営し、ワイヤード・エアリアル・シアターの『As The World Tipped』の制作とツアーも行う。4つの言語を操り、XTRAXも所属するCircostrada (サーカスとストリートアートのための欧州連携)の運営委員に選出。
As an established showcase organiser and a founder partner and manager of the largest outdoor arts consortium Without Walls, many international festivals recognise XTRAX as the go-to organisation for connecting with the UK outdoor sector as well as a gateway into the UK and European sector. As well as leading on several projects for Without Walls, Irene manages Platform 4:UK, a strategic programme to deliver collaborative projects with partners in England, Europe and Asia. She also works on the production and touring of Wired Aerial Theatre’s large-scale show As The World Tipped. Irene is an elected Steering Committee member for the European Circus and Street arts network Circostrada.

Mirna ZagarMirna Zagar

総責任者 / The Dance CentreExecutive Director / The Dance Centre

Executive Director of The Dance Centre, British Columbia's primary resource centre for dance, operating Scotiabank Dance Centre a dance specific venue comprising of 7 studios including 154 black box theatre. The Dance Centre programs 2 seasons of dance per year (Discover Dance an educational series, and Global Dance Connections Series). We support development of careers of professional dance artists, program dance to nurture interest among audiences and build connections across diverse communities through dance. The Dance Centre engages in international cultural exchanges and residencies to foster connectivity between dance sector in BC and the world.

Natalie HennedigeNatalie Hennedige

芸術監督 / Singapore International Festival of ArtsDirector / Singapore International Festival of Arts

2021年〜2023年のSingapore International Festival of Arts 芸術監督。Cakeの創設者、芸術監督でもある。Cakeは14年目を迎え、パフォーマンスとそれ以外の様々な領域が出会う、進歩的で新しい作品を上演し続けてきた。CakeのDecimal PointsシリーズやRunning with Strippersのプラットフォームは、アーティスト同士の対話や普段とは異なる公共空間でのパフォーマンスによって発展させた実験空間であり、それはつまり、文化作品の新たな形式の探求である。
Natalie Hennedige is the in-coming Festival Director of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), a contemporary performing arts festival presenting diverse works across theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts. She is also the founder and Artistic Director of Cake, a performance company now in its fourteenth year of presenting progressive new works at the intersection of performance and a variety of other disciplines.

小野晋司Shinji Ono

館長 / 横浜赤レンガ倉庫1号館、チーフプロデューサー(ダンス) / 公益財団法人横浜市芸術文化振興財団理事Director / Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1,Chief Producer (Dance) / Yokohama Arts Foundation

2020年2月の開催で25回目を迎える「横浜ダンスコレクション」や「HOTPOT東アジア・ダンスプラットフォーム」をプロデュースし内外のアーティストや制作者、フェスティバルや劇場と協働。横浜の街全体を舞台に繰り広げる3年に一度のダンスの祭典「Dance Dance Dance@YOKOHAMA 2015/2018」事務局長。一般社団法人ダンス・ニッポン・アソシエイツ理事、日本ダンスフォーラム(JaDaFo)メンバー、AND+(Asia Network for Dance)コアメンバー。
Shinji has produced the 25th Yokohama Dance Collection in February 2020 and The HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform collaborating with national and international artists, arts managers and festivals. Secretary General of Dance Dance Dance @ Yokohama, a triennale dance festival that covers the entire city of Yokohama. Director of the Dance Nippon Associates, a member of Japan Dance Forum (JaDaFo) and a core member of AND+(Asia Network for Dance).

吉田雄一郎Yuichiro Yoshida

プログラム・ディレクター / 城崎国際アートセンターProgram Director / Kinosaki International Arts Center

城崎国際アートセンター(KIAC)は、兵庫県豊岡市の温泉街に位置する舞台芸術専門のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスです。1つのホールと6つのスタジオ、22名まで滞在可能なレジデンスで構成された日本国内最大規模の創作拠点で、都市部の喧騒から離れて創作に集中することの出来る施設として2014年の開館以来、高い評価を受けています。 毎年春に次年度の公募を行うレジデンス・プログラムでは、年間20組程度のアーティストの滞在制作を受け入れています。その他、3作品程度の主催公演も実施しています。KIACでのクリエーションを検討している意欲的なアーティストとの出会いを期待しています。http://kiac.jp
The Kinosaki International Art Center (KIAC) is a venue which specialises in performing arts, and holds artist in residencies in Toyooka City, Hyogo. Established in 2014, the venue is in an area away from the bustle of the city that provides space to focus on creation. It has one hall, six studios and the capacity for up to 22 residences at a time, making it one of the largest creative spaces of its kind in Japan. Every spring we accept around 20 artists proposals for residencies in the following year, and organise 3 performances. We are looking forward to meeting ambitious artists who are considering applying to create work at KIAC. http://kiac.jp
Photo: Ryuichiro Suzuki

2月10日 13:00 - 15:002/10 13:00 - 15:00

荒井 洋文Hirofumi Arai

代表理事 / 一般社団法人シアター&アーツうえだChief Director / Theater & Arts Ueda

He started his theater activities in Kyoto. After he joined Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, he established Theater & Arts Ueda and has produced cultural and artistic activities based on the theatrical play in the streets or satoyama. In 2016, he renovated a vacant shop in the Ueda shopping center district, and opened a private cultural facility, called SAI NO TSUNO, which offers both guesthouse and event venue that facilitates theatrical performances and live concerts. He has managed to deepen the bonds between local residents and the artists through expressive activities. Recently, he has developed projects focused on AIR program, and directed Ueda Street Theater Festival since 2016.

多田淳之介Junnosuke Tada

APAFアジア舞台芸術人材育成部門ディレクター / 東京芸術祭Director / Asian Performing Arts Farm

1976 年生まれ。演出家。東京デスロック主宰。古典から現代戯曲、ダンス、パフォーマンス作品まで幅広く手がけ、現代社会に於ける当事者性をアクチュアルに問い続けている。子どもや演劇を専門としない人との活動、韓国、東南アジアとの海外コラボレーションも多数手がけ、演劇の協働力を基にボーダーレスに活動する。2010年より富士見市民文化会館キラリふじみ芸術監督に公立劇場演劇部門の芸術監督として国内歴代最年少で就任、3期9年間務める。2014年「가모메 カルメギ」が韓国の第50回東亜演劇賞演出賞を外国人として初受賞。青年団演出部。四国学院大学、女子美術大学非常勤講師。
Born in 1976. Director. Presides over Tokyo Deathlock. Active across a wide range of works from classical to contemporary drama, dance, and performance, continually questioning the actuality of involvement in modern society. Works with children and others who are not theater specialists, and is involved in many overseas collaborations with Korea and Southeast Asia, engaging in a borderless fashion using theater’s power of collaboration. Has served as Artistic Director of Kirari Fujimi Cultural Centre since 2010, with 3 consecutive appointments over 9 years, among the youngest in Japan. In 2014, Karumegi received the 50th Dong-A Theater Award for direction in Korea—the first foreign winner.
Photo:Toru Hiraiwa

矢作勝義Masayoshi Yahagi

芸術文化プロデューサー / 穂の国とよはし芸術劇場Chief Producer / Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT

1965年生まれ。東京都世田谷区出身。愛知県豊橋市の穂の国とよはし芸術劇場PLAT芸術文化プロデューサー。 東京都立大学在学中から演劇活動を始める。学生時代の仲間との劇団活動を経て、1998年4月より世田谷パブリックシアターにて劇場勤務を始める。広報、施設管理、制作、技術、学芸などの業務を担当する。2012年4月より(公財)豊橋文化振興財団勤務。2013年4月30日『穂の国とよはし芸術劇場PLAT』開館を経て、2015年4月より芸術文化プロデューサーを拝命。
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Masayoshi is the chief producer at Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT. He started getting involved in theatre at Tokyo Metropolitan University, and launched a theatre company after his graduation. He had worked in Setagaya Public Theatre between April 1998 and March 2012. He managed the areas of publicity, facility control, production, technical field and curation. He became a staff member at Toyohashi Cultural Foundation in April 2012, and works as an art and culture producer since last year at Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT which opened in April 2013.

Oxana EfremenkoOxana Efremenko

芸術監督 / Chaos国際演劇祭Artistic Director / International festival of actual theater "Chaos"

ノボシビルスク在住の演劇批評家、プロデューサーであり、文化学の博士号を持つ。モスクワ、サンクトペテルブルク、ノボシビルスクの各地で演劇プロジェクトに携わり、ロシアの主要な演劇フェスティバルの諮問機関のメンバーとしての顔も持つ。また、アクチュアルシアター”Chaos”の国際フェスティバルの芸術監督でもある。このフェスティバルは、さまざまな芸術や組織のシステムで制作された作品と出会い、現代アートに触れることを目的としている。シベリア中心部にあるノボシビルスクのStary Dom State Drama Theatreで隔年開催されており、次回のフェスティバルは2021年6月の予定。
Oxana Efremenko is a theatrical critic, producer, PHD of Culturology. Lives in Novosibirsk. She makes different theatre project in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and works as member of advisory councils of main theatre festivals in Russia.She is the artistic director of the International festival of actual theater "Chaos" – www.chaos.old-house.ru The festival has the task of making acquainted with theatres whose works in different art and organization systems and refers to contemporary art ideas. It is held in the center of Siberia, in the city of Novosibirsk, in Stary Dom State Drama Theatre - one time of two years. The next festival will be on June 2021.

Sasapin SiriwanijSasapin Siriwanij

芸術監督 / BIPAMArtistic Director / BIPAM

B-Floor Theatreの中心メンバーで、インディペンデントな劇場アーティスト、そしてプロデューサーである。個人での国際共同制作だけでなく、B-Floor TheatreやFor WhaT theatreの多くの国際共同プロジェクトに携わる。また、地元の舞台芸術シーンのエコシステムを育てるため、いくつかの対話の場やワークショップを始めた。2018年からはバンコク・インターナショナル・パフォーミングアーツ・ミーティング(BIPAM)の芸術監督に就任し、Producers of Thai Performing Arts Network(POTPAN) を共同設立した。
Sasapin Siriwanij is a core member of B-Floor Theatre, an independent theater artist and a producer. She has worked for many international collaborative projects for B-Floor Theater, For What Theatre, as well as independently with international collaborators. Sasapin has initiated a number of discussion platforms and workshops that aim to nurture the ecosystem of the local performing arts scene. She has taken the role of Artistic Director of Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) since 2018, and co-founded Producers of Thai Performing Arts Network (POTPAN).

Sven BirkelandSven Birkeland

芸術監督兼経営責任者 / BIT TeatergarasjenArtistic and Managing Director / BIT Teatergarasjen

BIT Teatergarasjen、ダンスビエンナーレ「Oktoberdans」、演劇ビエンナーレ「Meteor」の芸術監督兼経営責任者。フェスティバル、劇場、美術館、ギャラリーのプログラムをノルウェー内外でキュレーションしている。ノルウェー・アーツカウンシルのメンバー。ベルゲンを拠点として活動。アートの分野で仕事を始める以前は、スタヴァンゲル大学(文化、映画、社会学)とベルゲン大学(演劇学)で研究をしていた。
Sven Birkeland is the artistic and managing director of BIT Teatergarasjen, the dance biennial Oktoberdans and the theatre biennial Meteor. Birkeland curates programs for festivals, theatres, museums and galleries in Norway and abroad, and is a member of Arts Council Norway. Birkeland lives and works from his base in Bergen. Before working within the art field he did studies at the University of Stavanger (culture, film, sociology) and the University of Bergen (theatre science).
Photo:Thor Brødreskift

2月11日 10:00 - 12:002/11 10:00 - 12:00

河合千佳Chika Kawai

共同ディレクター / フェスティバル/トーキョーCo-Director / Festival/Tokyo

Graduated from the Science of Design, Musashino Art University. She started her career as a theatre producer of reset-N in 2003. While working as an assistant manager at a commercial theatre from 2003–2006, She produced several performances and managed tours inside Japan and international exchange projects. Since 2007, A staff member at Art Network Japan. In the year of 2007–2012, she took part in the establishment of Kawasaki Art Center and focused on the various projects for contemporary dance and theatre and for young theater artists. A production co-ordinator since 2012 and the co-director since 2018 at Festival/Tokyo.

Hannah SharpeHannah Sharpe

プログラムディレクター / Dance4 Programme Director / Dance4

Dance4 は、21世紀のダンスの輝かしい発展を目指す国際センターです。UKのダンス業界への一助として、我々はダンスの発展に関心のあるアーティストや研修生たちの業務をサポートしています。Dance4は、隔年、ノッティンガム市で開催されているノットダンスのキュレーションをしており、イースト・ミッドランズのU.DanceやCentre for Advanced Trainingをはじめとする、児童や若年層向けの地方事業を行なっています。
Dance4 is an international centre for the development of extraordinary 21st century dance. A unique voice in the UK dance sector, our work supports artists and practitioners who are interested in the development of dance. Dance4 curates the biennial Nottdance Festival, which takes place across the city of Nottingham. Its regional work for children and young people includes U.Dance in the East Midlands and the Centre for Advanced Training.

岩田浩Hiroshi Iwata

館長 / STスポットDirector / ST Spot

His work focuses on facility operations management in ST Spot, as well as broadening the reach of performing arts-centric social practice art projects. He began working with theater during his time at Waseda University, taking charge of operations management at a public hall upon graduation. He worked as an assistant director in theater works. From 2012-2016, he worked at Steep Slope Studio, with his involvement ranging from coordinating social practice art projects and educational outreach programs, to the studio’s operations management. From 2017-2018, he planned and implemented participatory performances in Yokohama. In 2019, he became the director and the vice president of ST Spot.

Hsin-Yuan SHIHHsin-Yuan SHIH

プログラム兼国際交流部門責任者 / 國家兩廳院 Head of Programming and International Development Department, National Theatre & Concert Hall, Taiwan

2017年5月より、台湾の國家兩廳院のプログラム兼国際交流部門の責任者を務めている。 また、駐フランス台北代表処の文化アタッシェとして勤務し、両国間のアーティストと文化機関との架け橋となり、多数の国際プロジェクトを立ち上げました。彼女の手掛けた作品には、台湾ダンスフォーラムカンパニー、Christian Rizzo演出の『How to say here?』、Lukas Hemleb演出、Maison de la culture d’Amiensと國家兩廳院共同制作のHan Tang Yuefu Ensemble (漢唐樂府)の『Luo shen fu』(洛神賦)があります。
Hsin-Yuan SHIH, Head of Programming & International Development Department, National Theatre & Concert Hall, Taiwan since May 2017. Hsin-Yuan SHIH has worked as a cultural attaché in the French Representative Office; she built up a strong connection between the artists and cultural institutions from two countries and initiated many international projects, including the creation « How to say here ? » directed by Christian Rizzo and Taiwan Dance Forum Company, « Luo shen fu » of Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble, directed by Lukas Hemleb, coproduced by Maison de la culture d’Amiens and National Theatre & Concert Hall, Taiwan.

Javier Rojas TrejoJavier Rojas Trejo

アーティスティックプログラマー / Theaters System ManagementArtistic Programmer / Theaters System Management

現在、メキシコのTheaters System Managementのアートプログラマーで、舞台芸術『La Central』のデジタルカタログの製作や、性的多様性の普及、Escenarios que se escuchanというラジオ番組のMCを務める。また、Theaters System Managementに所属する作品や企画への、国内外のアーティストのプログラミングも行う。自身は、演劇やキャバレーの俳優、演出家でありプロデューサーでもある。メキシコの芸術の中心であるEscuela Nacional de Arte Teatralを卒業し、メキシコ国立自治大学でジャーナリズムを学んだ。
He is currently the artistic programmer for the Theaters System Management of Mexico City, in which has created the digital catalogue of performing arts “La Central”, a cycle of sexual diversity and hosts the radio show “Escenarios que se escuchan”. His labor includes the programming of local and international artists in the theaters and programs that belongs to the System. He works as theater and cabaret actor, director and producer, as well. Graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral at the National Arts Center of Mexico, he has also studied journalism at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Photo:Carlos Alvar

塩谷陽子Yoko Shioya

芸術監督 / Japan Society(New York)Artistic Director / Japan Society(New York)

北米最大の米国の民間非営利団体ジャパン・ソサエティー(1907年創立)のArtistic Directorとして、実験演劇からコンテンポラリー・ダンス、現代音楽から各種の古典芸能まで、日本の第一線の舞台芸術を約月に一本の頻度で同JS館内の劇場にて主催上演するプログラムの総責任者。また招聘したプロダクションの北米ツアーも手がける。さらに在米のアーティストに対して日本をテーマにした舞台作品の新作委嘱や、日米のコラボレーションによる新作オペラ、ダンス、 演劇作品制作も、通年事業の一環として積極的に行っている。 東京芸術大学音楽学部楽理科卒(1983年)。
Yoko Shioya is the Artistic Director of Japan Society, where she has expanded works related to Japanese culture by non-Japanese artists and increased JS-produced tours in North America. She's launched initiatives to co-produce work by international artists in Japan, present works from East Asia, and establish residencies in NYC. As a writer/researcher on arts support, Shioya has been invited to speak at symposia, lectures, and TV programs. She has been a contributor to Asahi newspaper, and a committee member/selection panelist for many prestigious programs. Shioya holds BAs from Tokyo National University of the Arts. In 2019, she was awarded Bessies Presenter Award for Outstanding Curating.

2月11日 13:00 - 15:002/11 13:00 - 15:00

Ana Luísa SirotaAna Luísa Sirota

Sesc Bom Retiro 次長Deputy Manager of Sesc Bom Retiro

Sesc Bom RetiroはSesc(セスキ・ブラジル商業連盟社会サービス)の文化スポーツセンターの1つ。ビジネス・旅行・サービスの企業家に支えられた民間組織で、これらの産業に従事しているプロとその家族に、幸福と生活の質を提供することを目的としている。Anaは2010年にここに加わり、現在、ソリッドな舞台芸術プログラムを含む、文化的で社会教育的プロジェクト運営の陣頭指揮をとっている。
Sesc Bom Retiro is one of the cultural and sports centers of Sesc - Social Service of Commerce, a private organization supported by entrepreneurs in businesses, tourism and services, that aims to provide well-being and quality of life to professionals working in these industries and their family members. She joined the institution in 2010 and is currently leading the management of cultural and socio-educational projects, including a solid performing arts program.

田中未知子Michiko Tanaka

代表者兼創立者 / 瀬戸内サーカスファクトリー(SCF)Director and Founder / Setouchi Circus Factory (SCF)

Michiko TANAKA is a pioneer for the development of contemporary circus in Japan since 2004 and author of “Circus ni Aitai”, the first survey book on contemporary circus in Japan. She also works as a circus adviser besides SCF's activities. The axis of SCF’s activities are; circus creation, artist in residence, artistic exchange programs, training programs, networking. SCF is a member of Circostrada, an European based circus and street arts network and a core member of CAN, Circus Asia Network.

内藤美奈子Minako Naito

制作担当課長 / 東京芸術劇場General Producer of Performing Arts / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

東京大学文学部卒業後、1985年よりパルコ劇場、1998年よりホリプロ、2010年より東京芸術劇場でプロデューサーとして公演制作に関わり、蜷川幸雄、野田秀樹、三谷幸喜、宮本亜門、前川知大、藤田貴大、プルカレーテらの作品を手掛ける。また来日公演、海外公演、国際共同制作などに携わる。主な作品は「ラヴ・レターズ」「リア王」「おのれナポレオン」「スウィーニー・トッド」。招聘アーティストはタデウシュ・カントール、ロイヤル・シェイクスピア・カンパニー、イヴォ・ヴァン・ホーヴェら。「THE BEE」世界10都市、「One Green Bottle」世界6都市ツアー、蜷川演出「トロイアの女たち」国際共同制作。
Literature graduate from the University of Tokyo, worked with Parco Theater from 1985, HoriPro from 1998, and now with Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre since 2010, producing works of Yukio Ninagawa, Hideki Noda, Koki Mitani, Amon Miyamoto, Tomohiro Maekawa, Takahiro Fujita and Silviu Purcărete etc. Engaged in works in Japan and with international collaborations. Notables include: "Love Letters" "King Lear" "L’Honneur de Napoleon" and "Sweeney Todd". Invited artists include: Tadeusz Kantor, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Ivo van Hove etc. Toured "THE BEE" to 10 cities around the world, "One Green Bottle" to 6, and involved in Ninagawa's international collaborative production of "Trojan Women".

Park JisunPark Jisun

クリエイティブプロデューサーCreative Producer

クリエイティブプロデューサー、リサーチャー、文化政策アドバイザー。20年以上、ジャンルを越えて活動しており、韓国では、作品製作、フェスティバルのプランニング、そして、APP (アジア・プロデューサーズ・プラットフォーム)、CAN (サーカス・アジアン・ネットワーク)等の国際的なネットワークやレジデンスの立ち上げに関わる。近年では、都市、境界、テクノロジー、芸術を含む多様なテーマでアーティストと新たな探求を開始。芸術の現代性を探るため、芸術家と非芸術家とのコラボレーションを始めている。
Park Jisun is a creative producer, researcher, and arts policy advisor. Over for 20 years, she has been working without boundaries of genre, producing works, planning festival, initiating international residency and international network such as APP (Asian Produces Platform), CAN (Circus Asian Network). Recently she has begun new explorations with artists on various subjects including cities, boundaries, technology and arts. She has been initiating collaboration between artists and non-artists to explore the contemporariness of the arts.

2月12日 10:00 - 12:002/12 10:00 - 12:00

相馬千秋Chiaki Soma

実行委員長兼ディレクター / シアターコモンズ'20 Executive Director / Theater Commons Tokyo '20

She was the first Program Director of Festival/Tokyo, Japan’s leading performing arts festival from 2009-2013, and the first Director of Steep Slope Studio in Yokohama from 2006-2010. She served on the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Culture Council Cultural Policy Subcommittee from 2012-2015. In 2015, she received the Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Since 2016, she has been a Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Graduate School of Contemporary Psychology of Rikkyo University; since 2017, she has served as the chairperson and director of the Theater Commons Tokyo Executive Committee. She was also involved in performing arts curation for the Aichi Triennale 2019.
Photo: Yurika Kawano

Chiara OrgantiniChiara Organtini

キュレーター / Santarcangelo FestivalCurator / Santarcangelo Festival

学際的な芸術と公共空間に情熱を注ぐキュレーター。テルニ国際舞台芸術祭のメンバーとして、イタリア・テルニにある、ジャンル横断的な、元工場を使ったスペースCAOSの発展に尽力した。現在は、参加することへのコンセプトや倫理を更新するBEPARTという国際協力プロジェクトを運営する、Santarcangelo Festivalのメンバー。また、『Art and Citizenship: how arts can radically imagine forms of citizenship and empower us to act』というリサーチの中で、欧州のプロジェクトReshapeにも参加。
Chiara Organtini is a curator passionate about interdisciplinary art and public space. She was part of Terni international performing arts festival and she contributed to the development of CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri, a multidisciplinary space based in a former factory in Terni. Currently she is part of Santarcangelo Festival managing the international cooperation project BEPART reworking the notion and ethics of participation and she is engaged in the European project Reshape within the research trajectory “Art and Citizenship: how arts can radically imagine forms of citizenship and empower us to act”.

Jeff KhanJeff Khan

芸術監督兼CEO / Performance SpaceArtistic Director & CEO / Performance Space

Performance Space(オーストラリア・シドニー)の芸術監督兼CEO。学際的なプロジェクトや実験的な実践に特に興味を持ち、パフォーマンス、ビジュアルアート、ダンスの分野で活動するキュレーター兼ライター。パフォーマンススペースでは、年間を通して行われるレジデンスとアーティストの開発プログラム、そして毎年行われる LIVEWORKS FESTIVAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ARTにてアジア太平洋各地からの現代的および実験的なパフォーマンスを紹介している。
Jeff Khan is Artistic Director & CEO of Performance Space in Sydney, Australia. Jeff is a curator and writer working across performance, visual arts and dance, with a particular interest in interdisciplinary projects and experimental practice. Performance Space presents a year-round program of residencies and artist development, as well as the annual Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, showcasing contemporary and experimental performance from across the Asia Pacific.

Michael CaldwellMichael Caldwell

総責任者 / Fall for Dance North, 副芸術監督 / Festival of Dance Annapolis RoyalExecutive Producer / Fall for Dance North, Associate Artistic Director / Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal

カナダのトロントを拠点とするキュレーター、プレゼンター、振付家、パフォーマーで、アートの支援者。現在、トロントで毎年開催される大規模な国際ダンスフェスティバルであるフォール・フォー・ダンス・ノースの制作総責任者であり、Festival of Dance Annapolis Royalという、ノバスコシア州の小さなダンスフェスティバルの副芸術監督である。過去にはDusk DancesやOlder & Recklessのゲストキュレーターを務め、様々な芸術組織のコンサルタントとして、またトロントのアートコミュニティの新進アーティストやキュレーターのメンターとして活動している。
Michael Caldwell is a curator, presenter, choreographer, performer, and arts advocate, based in Toronto, Canada. Currently, he serves as Executive Producer for Fall for Dance North, an annual large-scale international dance festival in Toronto, and as Associate Artistic Director for Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal, a small-scale dance festival in rural Nova Scotia. He has previously served as a Guest Curator for Dusk Dances, and for OIder & Reckless. In addition, he acts as a consultant with various arts organizations and as a mentor to many emerging artists/curators in the Toronto arts community.
Photo:Marlowe Porter

藤田直義Naoyoshi Fujita

館長 / 高知県立美術館Director / Museum of Art, Kochi

Director of the Museum of Art, Kochi since April 2007, after working as the arts coordinator there for many years. Fujita has organised numerous films, theatre, dance and music projects in the museum's 399 seat hall, including co-productions with names such as Dumb Type and Pina Bausch. Most recently, has has been working on independent productions of stage works, and inviting international groups for co-production and residencies.

川崎陽子Yoko Kawasaki


株式会社CAN、京都芸術センター アートコーディネーターを経て、2014-15年、文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度によりHAU Hebbel am Ufer劇場(ベルリン)にて研修。The Instrument Builders Project Kyoto – Circulating Echo 共同キュレーター(2018年)。2011年よりKYOTO EXPERIMENT制作、2020年より共同ディレクター。KYOTO EXPERIMENTは、2010年から毎年秋に京都で開催している国際舞台芸術祭。2020年より新たに塚原悠也、川崎陽子、ジュリエット・礼子・ナップによる共同ディレクター制度をとる。
After working at CAN Inc. and as an Art Coordinator for Kyoto Art Center, she was a fellow for the Program of Overseas Study by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and studied at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin from 2014 to 2015. In 2018, she co-curated The Instrument Builders Project Kyoto – Circulating Echo. She has been involved as production coordinator at Kyoto Experiment since 2011 and is one of the Co-directors from 2020. Kyoto Experiment is an international performing arts festival held in Kyoto every autumn since 2010. From the 2020 festival a new co-director system will be adopted consisting of three co-directors, Yuya Tsukahara, Yoko Kawasaki and Juliet Reiko Knapp.
Photo:Takuya Matsumi

2月12日 13:00 - 15:002/12 13:00 - 15:00

Austin WangAustin Wang

ディレクター / TPACDirector / Taipei Performing Arts Center(TPAC)

米国の南カリフォルニア大学、舞台・照明デザインの MFA を卒業。クラウド・ゲート・ダンス・シアターのシニア・プロダクション・マネージャーおよび舞台デザイナーとして、Moon Water、Songs of the Wanderersなど手掛けたのち、台湾の数々の有名な劇団で舞台・照明デザイナー、テクニカル・ディレクターとして勤務。ベルヴェデール国際功労賞(2004 年)、ベストテクノロジー金メダル受賞後、プラハ・クワドレニアーレの審査員および台湾の議長に就任(2007 年)、台北デフリンピックの開会式・閉会式の舞台デザインチーフ(2009 年)、国家文化芸術基金表彰による表彰(2014 年)。
Austin graduated from MFA in Stage and Lighting Design, University of Southern California, USA. Worked as Senior Production Manager and Stage Designer for Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, works like Moon Water, Songs of the Wanderers. And worked with many Taiwanese reputed troupes as stage and lighting designer or technical director. Selected honors and awards: Belvedere International Achievement Award (2004); juror of Prague Quadrennial and the convener of Taiwan, winning the Gold Medal for Best Use of Technology (2007); chief stage designer for the opening/closing ceremony of Taipei Deaflympics (2009); and National Award of Arts presented by the National Culture and Arts Foundation (2014).

横堀ふみFumi Yokobori

プログラム・ディレクター / NPO法人DANCE BOXProgram Director / NPO Dance Box

NPO法人DANCE BOXプログラム・ディレクター。神戸・新長田在住。劇場Art Theater dB神戸が活動拠点。ダンス・プログラムを中心に、ほぼ全ての作品/企画を滞在制作によって実施する。同時に、世界の様々な地域をルーツとする多文化が混在する新長田にて、独自の国際プログラムを志向する。新長田アートマフィア仕掛人・構成員。特定非営利活動法人舞台芸術制作者オープンネットワーク(ON-PAM)理事。
The program director of DANCE BOX. Lives in Shin-Nagara, Kobe, Japan, and works at the Art Theater dB Kobe as her base of activity. She carries out most works/projects through residency creation, with a focus on dance, and aims to develop unique international programs in Shin-Nagata, an area where multiple cultures from various regions in the world co-exist. A mastermind/member of Shin-Nagata Art Mafia. A board member of the Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM).

林健次郎Kenjiro Hayashi

企画制作部長代理 兼 広報・マーケティンググループ チーフマネージャー / 愛知県芸術劇場(公益財団法人愛知県文化振興事業団)Deputy GM and Chief Manager of PR & Marketing / Aichi Arts Center (AAC)

A broadcasting major from LA Valley College and a music major from California State University, Ken has started his career at Fuso Theater where he launched a series of mini-concerts every Friday night which made the theater well-known. He then moved to Kasugai Civic Culture Foundation (KCCF) as a manager and successfully reformed the organizational structure to improve the revenue/expenditure and the membership system. He also has been organizing the tour of “The Concert of Nodame Cantabile” that KCCF produced. In 2014, he moved to AAC and joins AAPPAC every year. In addition, he teaches arts management and arts marketing at Nagoya University of the Arts as a guest professor since 2011.

Victor RousselVictor Roussel

芸術アドバイザー / Théâtre de la BastilleArtistic Advisor / Théâtre de la Bastille

Victor Rousselは、2016年よりThéâtre de la Bastilleの芸術アドバイザーを務めており、それ以前は、ボビニーのMC93 TheatreとFestival d’Automne à Parisのプロジェクトマネージャーだった。また、Bong Webzine、およびMouvementのジャーナリストとして働き、複数の雑誌で詩を発表している。
Victor Roussel has worked for Théâtre de la Bastille as an artistic advisor since 2016. Before that, he was a project manager at the MC93 Theatre (Bobigny) and the Festival d’Automne à Paris. He also worked as a journalist for Bong Webzine and Mouvement and publishes poetry in several magazines.

里見有祐Yusuke Satomi

広報ACYグループ / 公益財団法人横浜市芸術文化振興財団 PR & ACY Group / Yokohama Arts Foundation

Working with Yokohama Arts Foundation since 2011 after engaging in the improvement of creative environment for theatre and dance including the establishment of Steep Slope Studio, he has been in charge of project and facility management mainly at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1. Since 2017, he has also been working on a grant program for training of young artists and for establishment of bases for activities at Arts Commission Yokohama.