舞台芸術AiRミーティングPerforming Arts AiR Meeting

水野立子、矢作勝義、横堀ふみ、稲村太郎、アンジェラ・コンケ、キャサリン・リー、村川拓也、久野敦子Ritsuko Mizuno, Masayoshi Yahagi, Fumi Yokobori, Taro Inamura, Angela Conquet, Catherine Lee , Takuya Murakawa, Atsuko Hisano

Kosha33(神奈川県住宅供給公社)Kosha33 (Kanagawa Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation)
〒231-8510 横浜市中区日本大通33Map33 Nihon-odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8510Map
2.10 Sun 10:00 - 11:45 (レクチャー) (Lecture) / 13:00 - 16:00 (シンポジウム) (Symposium)
2.10 Sun 10:00 - 11:45 (レクチャー) (Lecture) / 13:00 - 16:00 (シンポジウム) (Symposium)
日本語、英語(逐次通訳)Japanese and English (consecutive interpretation)




Co-organized by The Saison Foundation

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2018



Artist-In-Residence Programs (AIR) have become firmly established within performing arts industries, utilised by many theatres, festivals, collectives and individual artists. In recent years, simultaneous to this, there has been a rise in a variety of other projects such as networking programs seeking to connect young artists and producers, and projects to enable collaboration between artists, centred around specific themes. The “Performing Arts AIR Meeting” features a lecture and symposium to enable this same networking and information sharing specifically amongst people involved in performing arts AIR programs. We hope to share examples of AIR programs in Japan and abroad, and facilitate a discussion about new possibilities of AIR in the performing arts.

レクチャー「国内の最新のAIRの状況や運営のノウハウ」Lecture “AIR Programs in Japan: State of Affairs and Management Know-How”

10:00 - 11:45 ケーススタディ、質疑応答


発表者:水野立子(NPO法人ジャパン・コンテンポラリーダンス・ネットワーク プログラム・ディレクター・ファウンダー)、矢作勝義(穂の国とよはし芸術劇場プラット 芸術文化プロデューサー)、横堀ふみ(NPO法人DANCE BOX プログラム・ディレクター)

モデレーター:稲村太郎(公益財団法人セゾン文化財団 プログラム・オフィサー)

10:00 - 11:45 Case study, Q&A

For this lecture we have invited representatives of organisations that run AIR programs in Japan to discuss why they established an AIR program, how they support artists during their stay, and what events and roles organisers can provide during an artist’s stay. We will share basic know-how and introduce the latest AIR initiatives.

Speakers: Ritsuko Mizuno (Program Director, Founder / NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network), Masayoshi Yahagi (Chief Producer / Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT), Yokobori Fumi (Program Director / NPO Dance Box)

Moderator: Taro Inamura (Program Officer, The Saison Foundation)

シンポジウム「舞台芸術におけるAIRの新しい可能性を探る:事例発表 & オープンディスカッション」Symposium “Exploring Future Possibilities for AIR Programs: Case Study and Open Discussion”

13:00 - 14:00 ケーススタディ、質疑応答
14:10 - 16:00 オープンディスカッション


発表者:アンジェラ・コンケ(ダンスハウス 芸術監督)、キャサリン・リー(台北国際芸術村 ディレクター)、村川拓也(演出家)

登壇者:水野立子(NPO法人ジャパン・コンテンポラリーダンス・ネットワーク プログラム・ディレクター/ファウンダー)、矢作勝義(穂の国とよはし芸術劇場プラット 芸術文化プロデューサー)、横堀ふみ(NPO法人DANCE BOX プログラム・ディレクター)

モデレーター:久野敦子(公益財団法人セゾン文化財団 常務理事)

13:00 - 14:00 Case study, Q&A
14:10 - 16:00 Open discussion

This symposium features artists, and representatives from various theatre and AIR organisations, who will share a variety of examples of domestic and foreign AIR programs. The proceeding discussion between these speakers and audience members will explore the significance of, issues facing, and perspectives surrounding AIR in the performing arts.

Speakers: Angela Conquet (Artistic Director, Dancehouse), Catherine Lee (Director / Taipei Artist Village|Treasure Hill Artist Village), Takuya Murakawa (Theatre Director)

Presenters: Ritsuko Mizuno (Program Director, Founder / NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network), Masayoshi Yahagi (Chief Producer / Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT), Yokobori Fumi (Program Director / NPO Dance Box)

Moderator: Atsuko Hisano (Managing Director / The Saison Foundation)

水野立子Ritsuko Mizuno

1980年創立から1994年解散まで、舞踏カンパニー白虎社の舞踏手・広報制作として活動。96年より1年間ニューヨークに滞在しDTW、ムーブメントリサーチ等の活動を体験。98年帰国後、JCDN設立準備室開設に参画以降、ダンス環境整備のプログラムを企画主催する。近年では、作品制作 & 全国巡回公演「踊りに行くぜ!!」Ⅱ(2010〜2017)、JCDN国際アーティスト・イン・レジデンス・プロジェクトを国内各地で、フィンランド・米国・オーストラリア・香港などと企画実施。

She was a dancer and manager of the Butoh company Byakkosya from 1980 to 1994 and experienced activities of DTW and Movement Research in New York in 1996. Since she took part in the establishment preparation office of JCDN in 1998, she has been planning JCDN’s projects. Her recent production is, Creation & national tour “We’re gonna go dancing!!” II (2010-2017), and “JCDN International Dance in Residence Exchange Project” (Finland, Hong Kong, U.S, Australia) an annual project since 2011.

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矢作勝義Masayoshi Yahagi

1965年生まれ。東京都出身。東京都立大学在学中から演劇活動を始める。学生時代の仲間との劇団活動を経て、1998年4月より世田谷パブリックシアターにて劇場勤務を始める。広報、施設管理、制作、技術、学芸などの業務を担当する。2012年4月より(公財)豊橋文化振興財団勤務。穂の国とよはし芸術劇場 事業制作チーフを務める。2013年4月30日「穂の国とよはし芸術劇場PLAT」開館を経て、2015年4月より芸術文化プロデューサーを拝命。2017年よりアーティストの育成・支援のための「ダンス・レジデンス」を開始。

Born in Tokyo in 1965, Masayoshi Yahagi became interested in drama while studying at the Tokyo Metropolitan University. After running a theatre company at university, he began working at the Setagaya Public Theatre in April 1998. From April 2012, he worked at the Toyohashi Cultural Foundation, and in April 2015 became the artistic producer of the “Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT”, following its opening in April 2013. In 2017, Yahagi established a “Dance Residency” to foster and support artists.

横堀ふみFumi Yokobori

NPO法人DANCE BOXプログラム・ディレクター。神戸・新長田在住。劇場Art Theater dB神戸を拠点に、滞在制作を経て上演する流れに重きをおいたダンスを中心とした、プログラム展開を行う。同時に、アジアの様々な地域をルーツにもつ人々が共存する多住地域・新長田にて、独自のアジア・プログラムを志向する。新長田アートマフィア一員。舞台芸術制作者オーフンネットワーク(ON-PAM)理事。2012年より国内外のアーティストを対象にレジデンスプログラムを実施。

Living in Kobe, Fumi Yokohori is the program director at NPO Dance Box, which develops dance performances through a residency program at the Art Theatre dB Kobe. Fumi is also involved in Dance Box’s Asia Program, which unites people of various backgrounds from across Asia. She is a member of the “Shin-nagata Art Mafia” and a board member of ON-PAM. Dance Box has offered a residency program for domestic and international artists since 2011.

Photo by Junpei Iwamoto

稲村太郎(モデレーター)Taro Inamura (Moderator)


Taro Inamura is currently the Program Officer at the Saison Foundation. After graduating university, he joined Spiral (Wacoal Art Center), where he planned multiple contemporary arts exhibitions and managed the artist-in-residence program. Since 2011 he has supported the stay of numerous artists and art managers, as the coordinator of the Saison Artist in Residence.

アンジェラ・コンケAngela Conquet


CEO and Artistic Director of Dancehouse. Under her tenure, Dancehouse has cemented its position as a centre for the independent dance sector with significant local impact and remarkable international reach. Her generative and proactive vision has been instrumental in orchestrating and enabling new models and new partnerships. She has reimagined Dancehouse’s relationship with artists, audiences and networks to broaden horizons and deepen engagement. Her current interests are in new cultural policies and alternative economic models that value the arts. She is a fierce advocate of the independent sector and a facilitator of connections and networks between artists, arts organizations and ideas.

キャサリン・リーCatherine Lee


Catherine Lee is working at Taipei Artist Village / Treasure Hill Artist Village as the general director since 2017. After she got her Master degree at Texas Tech University, she started her career in museum (1997–2002). After she returned back to Taiwan, she had worked in National Science and Technology Museum as the PR specialist, the docent, the educator and the executive secretary (2004–2011). Later on she got her training in the AIR programs since she worked in the Bamboo Curtain Studio (2011–2017). Currently, she also serves as the chairperson of Taiwan Art Space Alliance, which is the platform to foster the communication and collaboration among the domestic and international AIR programs.

村川拓也Takuya Murakawa

演出家。1982 年生まれ。京都市在住。ドキュメンタリーやフィールドワークの手法を用いた作品を、映像・演劇・美術など様々な分野で発表し、国内外の芸術祭、劇場より招聘を受ける。1人のキャストとその日の観客1人を舞台上に招き、介護する/されることを舞台上に再現する『ツァイトゲーバー』(2011年)、村川から事前に送られてきた手紙に沿って舞台上の出演者が動く『エヴェレットゴーストラインズ』(2013年)などの作品群は、虚構と現実の境界の狭間で表現の方法論を問い直し、現実世界での生のリアリティとは何かを模索する。近作、『インディペンデントリビング』(2017年)は京都で初演、翌年ドイツで再演された。

Takuya Murakawa is a theatre director born in 1982 and living in Kyoto. Performing with international and domestic theatres and festivals, he uses documentary and fieldwork methods to create theatre, video, and art projects. His work Zeitgeber (2011), in which audience members are invited on stage one by one and given a role, has been revived in Japan and overseas, including as part of “Japan Syndrome – Art and Politics after Fukushima” at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, in 2014. Everett Ghost Lines (2013), in which he sends a letter with instructions for performers, reveals his methodology of questioning the preconditions of theater in order to explore how indeterminate our reality is.

Photo by Guoqing Jiang

久野敦子(モデレーター)Atsuko Hisano (Moderator)

公益財団法人セゾン文化財団 常務理事兼事務局長。多目的スペースの演劇・舞踊のプログラム・コーディネーターを経て、1992年に財団法人セゾン文化財団に入職。96年より現職。現代演劇、舞踊を対象分野にした助成プログラムの立案、運営のほか、自主製作事業の企画、運営などを担当。2011年よりセゾン・アーティスト・イン・レジデンスの立ち上げにかかわる。

Atsuko Hisano is the managing director at the Saison Foundation. She joined the Saison Foundation in 1992, following her role as program coordinator of drama and dance in a multi-purpose space. She is appointed to current position in 2018. In addition to planning and managing grant programs for contemporary theatre and dance, she is responsible for overseeing independent production projects. She has been involved in Saison’s AIR program since its launch in 2011.