Same-day Tickets for “Manila Zoo” “Fukushima Trilogy”

Same-day tickets for Manila Zoo (work-in-pandemic) and Fukushima Trilogy will be available only for those who win the advance lottery to avoid the congestion at the reception.

 You can apply for the entry online and the winners will be announced on the News page of the TPAM website.

Please see the following for the details.


◎ Advance Lottery

Please apply online for the entry for a performance you would like to see.

–  Entry period: 9:00 February 9th (Tue) – 3 hours before each performance starts

–  Application form:


◎ Announcement of the Winners

“Receipt number” of the winners will be listed on the News page of the TPAM website at least 2 hours before the start time of each performance. 

– “Receipt number” will be stated on the automatic confirmation email to be sent after application.

– Please note that the lottery result will not be emailed.


◎ After Winning the lottery

Please visit the venue reception and purchase a ticket on the day.

– Please make sure to purchase your ticket at least 15 minutes before the start time of a performance.

– We accept cash only.

– When you purchase a ticket, please inform of your “receipt number” and “name”.

※ Please bring your ID to provide us to confirm your name.



– You will be required to fill in your name and contact details (email address and phone number) on application for the entry.

– You can apply for the entry once per person for 1 ticket of each performance. Multiple entries will be invalidated. 

– Please apply for the entry under the name of a person who visits the venue to see a performance. Please kindly note that we do not accept applications for multiple numbers of tickets or requests for consecutive seats.

– You cannot transfer your winning lottery receipt number to the other person. Please note that you may be required to provide us your ID to confirm your name on purchasing.

– For guests who request a wheelchair seat, please inform us of your request and need for your carer seat (free for 1 person) when you apply for the entry. 

– Seat numbers will be randomly assigned upon each winner’s receipt number. The timing of your entry or receipt number will not affect the winning rate and seat numbers to be assigned at all.

– When any seats are left after a lottery, we will announce it  on the News page of the TPAM website along with a lottery result. Tickets will be on sale on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of each performance at the reception.