*Canceled* Call for volunteer performers for “Udlot-Udlot,” a composition by José Maceda

*This performance and the call for volunteer performers have been cancelled.

We look for volunteer performers for Udlot-Udlot, a composition by José Maceda in 1975 that will be presented in the Atrium of the Yokohama City Hall. See this webpage for more information about the performance.

  • Conditions: Over 15 years old, participation in both the workshop and performance below (musical experience doesn’t matter).
    • Workshop
      Sunday February 7, 10:00-18:00 (with breaks)
      Venue: BankART Temporary (Yokohama Creativecity Center)
    • Performance
      Monday Febraury 8, 18:00-18:40 (rehearsal 13:00–16:30, with breaks)
      Venue: Yokohama City Hall Atrium
  • Deadline: Sunday February 5, 2021
  • Participation fee: Free
  • We may stop the call if the number of performers reaches the limitation. Transportation cost and meals are not provided.

Please write to udlot-udlot@tpam.or.jp. Please specify your name, age and telephone number and let us know if you have special requests to be able to participate in this.

Image of the score: courtesy of UP Center of Ethnomusicology

Courtesy of UP Center of Ethnomusicology