“QWERTY” Photo : Yohta Kataoka


Yuzo Ishiyama / A.P.I.

Hulic Aoyama 2nd Building B1F 1-3-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo(view on map)
2.14 Tue20:00
2.15 Wed20:00
2.16 Thu20:00
上演時間Run time60 min

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Both audiences and dancers wear high-quality wireless headphones during the show.
When the audience takes off the headphones, ‘deep silence’ is spreading all over the venue. Nobody knows if someone seats next to you is experiencing the same performance as yourself.”0dB” vividly throws questions at the audience – “What gives us a realistic sensation?” “Can we share the experience?”
In this situation, sharp dance movements are presented – as if it is developed by a crash of lithe movement from ballet and dynamism from break dance. This is “TOKYO DANCE”.

Yuzo Ishiyama / A.P.I.

A.P.I. is an artist collective organized by Yuzo Ishiyama, a performance media artist/choreographer based in Tokyo.
Their dance piece QWERTY has been invited to numerous dance/art festivals all over the world such as a digital art festival ‘Bains Numériques’ in France, a contemporary dance festival ‘Panorama Festival’ in Brazil and other international events.
Ishiyama has also joined various international projects many times until now. He was also invited to The National Ballet of Japan as a guest choreographer in 2011.

Yuzo Ishiyama / A.P.I.