“Miroedetut” Photo: Kazuyuki Matsumoto



Morishita Studio C Studio
3-5-6 Morishita, Eto-ku, Tokyo
2.8 Mon19:30
2.9 Tue14:00 / 19:30
2.10 Wed19:30
2.11 Thu13:00 / 17:00

Run Time:60 min


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Kaori Seki creates tranquil performances with dance choreography. In this piece, her new work in a year, she transcends visual perception and appeals directly to the skin. In her previous piece, Miroedetut, the life and death of living beings in the midst of slowly passing time and the desires of humanity bled into view. She began to create WO CO by taking inspiration from the various states and sensations of living beings: nature, humanity, primitivism, and modernity. She is also inspired by the sensations of this modern world: its fear, its atmosphere, and its texture. “WO CO” is an archaic Japanese word which has several meanings: absurd, foolish, funny, or presumptuous. It is also the abbreviation of “warning order”, “wipe out”, and “carbon monoxide”.


Began showing her own choreography in 2003. Together with Teita Iwabuchi she won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer at the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012, and went to France for residency at le Centre national de dance contemporaine Angers. Since then, she has been working on an international basis. In 2013 she established KAORI SEKI Co.PUNCTUMUN. Her choreography is constructed in sensitive and careful calculation with her unique vocabulary based on the sensations on the skin as well as the other organs of the body. Recently she has been interested in working with the sense of smell using aroma in her performance, as an experiment on how to appeal to the audience directly. Active in theater and fashion, she also worked for the butoh artist Ko Murobushi’s project company as a dancer in recent years. Seki was selected as a 2014-15 Junior Fellow of The Saison Foundation.


Phone: 080-4200-4551 / Email