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Washi+Performing Arts? Project Vol.1

Futarikko Produce(Kochi)

Noge Hana*Hana
1-42-1 Hanasaki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
2.10 Wed12:15 / 14:30
2.11 Thu18:00

Run Time:60 min
Simultaneous translation in English and Japanese


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What kind of chemical reaction will be caused when washi paper (traditional Japanese paper) and the performing arts meet?

This project was conducted for the first time in Kochi prefecture last summer. We will be showcasing some of these performances, which were developed for a project in TPAM. In this project, six artists stayed for two weeks in Ino city in Kochi prefecture, known as one of Japan’s top three paper-producing cities. These artists developed each performance piece after research and discussion with people who produce washi paper, to reimagine this traditional craft in the expressive nature of the performing arts. The premise of this event is to broaden the possibilities for washi paper as an art, and explore the interactions between those in the washi industry and performing artists. Please come and witness it!

Futarikko Produce

Futarikko Theatre Company was founded by Ayumi Hamada and Minori Okamura when they were high school students in Kochi, Japan in 2003. The company’s name changed to “Futarikko Produce” in 2011, and Ayumi has been based in her hometown of Kochi since 2015 as a producer and actor. Coming from a family whose legacy operating a traditional paper (washi) mill that goes back many generations, Ayumi approaches her family’s legacy with the rediscovery of traditional paper through the art of theatre, and she aims to broaden the possibilities of local theatre. Futarikko Produce’s Washi Art Project is a one-woman play, where washi paper has a universal presence; it is integrated into the set and props. Since its inception, Washi Art Project has been on tour in Tokyo, Shizuoka, Tochigi, and 4 towns in Kochi. The performances, which were developed in Washi+Performing Arts? Project Vol.1, were shown not only in Kochi, but in Kagawa and Fukuoka as well.

Futarikko Produce

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