The Restaurant of Many Orders

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project(Tokyo)

Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Center
110 Naka, Nagareyama, Chiba
2.10 Wed19:30
2.11 Thu14:30

Run Time:75 min 
High school and younger Adv   ¥1,000
High school and younger Door   ¥1,500

:DVD of the past shows

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Part 1 of the Hiroshi Koike Meets Kenji Miyazawa Series. This piece presents the famous children’s story The Restaurant of Many Orders through a variety of elements, including contemporary dance, Balinese dance, and mask work. This is a story continuously moves back and forth between the human world and the animal world to ask, “What is human? And what is natural?” This is the revival of the original performance in 2012 that toured throughout Japan and Asian.

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project

After the Pappa TARAHUMARA theater arts company ceased its activities on May 31, 2012, the Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project was created by Koike as an all encompassing name for his activities as a director. In addition to creating live performance works that cut across genre borders, the Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project also presents works in a variety of other genres, including film/video, photography, installation art, and the written word. Through this activity, they aim to to create a bridge to the world. The Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project also aims to develop people who can “think by using their bodies” by implementing events, lectures, workshops, and development programs.

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