Taiko Rock “BATI-HOLIC”


Yokohama City Education Center
53 Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
2.6 Sat17:00

Run Time:90 min
*Admission free for children under 12 years old

:Adv & Door ¥2,000

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This is a solo concert by BATI-HOLIC, a band composed entirely of traditional Japanese instruments. From the old capital of Kyoto with its combination of tradition and innovation, BATI-HOLIC creates a stylish rock sound for the whole world that could be generated only in Japan.

BATI-HOLIC creates a border-crossing matsuri (festival) onstage, with catchy rap melodies that anyone can hum along to, accompanied by shamisen arpeggio backing that naturally blends into the heavy timbre and rhythmic beat of taiko drumming.


Wadaiko drum group BATI-HOLIC is based in Kyoto (Japan). Their most outstanding feature is the use of the Electric Shamisen / Gottan (square-shaped Shamisen) in their instrumentation, and the adding of Rap / Vocal. The group’s unique style is influenced by rock, pops, hr/hm, funk, reggae, and trance, and they combine these elements into their original style. They have provoked a great response around the world because this is the music “generated only in Japan”, having great appeal to the world as a Wadaiko team from the ancient capital of Kyoto. Recently, they performed in Vietnam, South Korea, and Italy.


Contact: mihoproject
Phone: 075-417-4870 / Email