Arata Mino

Photo: Arata Mino

Prepared for FILM

Arata Mino(Tokyo)

Minowa Oak Building 3F
3F Minowa Oak Building, 5-16 Negishi, Dito-ku, Tokyo
2.10 Wed20:00
2.11 Thu20:00
2.12 Fri20:00
2.13 Sat15:00 / 19:30
2.14 Sun15:00

Run Time:75 min
Subtitled in English
U-25¥2,000(Reservation required)
Student¥1,800(Reservation required)
High school and younger ¥1,000(Reservation required)

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This theater piece is based on Samuel Beckett’s Film. In Prepared for FILM, the act of seeing and being seen through a camera is shown at its root to resemble the feeling of unrequited love. This piece is driven by the magical effect created by a combination of photography/film/image and the body. Rather than the philosophical theme of the existential in Film, this piece was created by focusing on the mystery of the gaze itself. This is the long awaited revival of the play first performed in April 2015 at SNAC, then presented in August of the same year at G/P gallery as a solo exhibition and a dance showing.

Arata Mino

A photographer and director, Arata Mino thinks of photography through theatrical methods to create and present pieces on the theme of visualizing the modern premonition of fear. Since he was a student at Waseda University in 2010, he served as the Artistic Director of the Hippie-b, a company focused on exploring the relationship between photographs and the body. Since then, he has handled photography, planning, and direction for the Hippie-b productions. Starting in 2013, he has presented performances and exhibits under his own name. Participant in the Public Program of Festival/Tokyo 2012. Multiple award recipient for photography, including being selected to present at 1_WALL exhibition.

Arata Mino

Phone: 080-5200-0039 / Email