Photo・Arata Kato

Photo: Arata Kato

Onaji Yume

Setagaya Public Theatre(Tokyo)

Theatre Tram
4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
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Adv & Door  ¥6,800
High school and younger ¥3,400
U24  ¥3,400


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• Please bring your TPAM Pass to the venue or please tell your name at the door if you don’t have TPAM Pass.

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Masaaki Akahori acquired a passionate fanbase for his realistic portrayals of the relationships between pathetic but lovable people. He has gathered even more attention for his remarkable achievements, including receiving the Kaneto Shindo Award for his first film, Sono Yoru no Samurai, and receiving the Kishida Kunio Prize for Drama for Icchome Zomeki. Akahori’s new play Onaji Yume has gathered an extravagant cast of major actors from Japanese theatre and film. Please look forward to this rich and convoluted human drama that will be performed in the 200-seat Theatre Tram.

Setagaya Public Theatre

Setagaya Public Theatre is a theatre that explores the possibilities of new performing arts through specialized activities centered on contemporary plays and dance, together with free production and participation activities by members of the public. In order to realize the overall purpose to link the lives of the citizens with culture and art, Setagaya Public Theatre has continued to mount diverse performances and public awareness human resource development programs ever since its opening in 1997.

Setagaya Public Theatre

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