Photo: Hidehiro Kato

dance performance HER VOICE

theatre company KAMOME-ZA(Tokyo)

BankART Studio NYK 1F kawamata hall
3-9 Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
2.6 Sat19:30
2.7 Sun16:30

Run Time:70 min
Non-verbal performance
Adv & Door¥3,500


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An old woman is buried up to her waist, prattling on endlessly about the passing days.

This dance performance is inspired by the abundance of stage directions written between the vast amounts of spoken text in the work by Samuel Beckett. In a confined space where movement is impossible and the lower body is hidden, the dance is performed entirely with facial expressions and the upper body.

Tranquility and laugher, passion and resignation intersect at a dizzying pace. With rich poetic sentiment, this performance depicts a voiceless eloquence that perceives the twilight of life.

It’s all the same to me whether this is a play without words or a dance without dancing. But there is one thing I do know after seeing it. This piece achieves a radical expression of human existence.

— Yasushi Sato (French Theater Scholar)

I’ve never seen a more beautiful performance of Happy Days than this.

— Minako Okamuro (Beckett Scholar, Director of Waseda University Theater Museum)

By forbidding Keiko Takeya’s movement as a dancer, Makoto Sato’s direction draws out a level of expression that surpasses words.

— Katsuhito Yamada (Theater Journalist)

theatre company KAMOME-ZA

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