The Japan Foundation presents Disability×Performing Arts Series 2016 Symposium: Future capability of the performing arts with the usage of technology and disability as a key

Joint Project

BankART Studio NYK 2F
2.11 Thu10:00-16:30
ProfessionalAdmission Free
AudienceAdmission Free
※Reservation required

With English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation, Japanese sign language interpreter and summary scribe

Organized by The Japan Foundation Contact:03-5369-6061(Arts and Cultural Department)

We are delighted to invite you to the symposium on the capability of the performing arts augmented by the usage of technology and disability. Speakers include specialists in Japan on technology and the performing arts, and two British professionals who will show us cultural activities in the UK which are accessible for everyone regardless of disability. In addition, the talk will include cultural programs that were disseminated to provinces in relation to the London Olympics/Paralympics 2012.The moderator is Dr. Junji Watanabe(NTT communication Science Laboratories).

Time Table

10:00 Opening

10:15 Laura Dyer The Creative Case for Diversity – starting with the art”

11:05 Lee Corner “The Importance of Social Inclusion for Cultural Organisations”

12:00 Break

13:15 Daisuke Tomita “A node of the art and disability”

13:45 Hisato Ogata “Technology & Human , Design & Engineering”

14:15 Kosei Sakamoto “capability of

14:45 Break

15:00 Junji Watanabe “Future capability of the performing arts from the perspective of ‘Haptic’ sense and information”

15:15 Panel Discussion, Q&A

*Titles are tentative


Laura Dyer (Executive Director, Arts Council England)
Lee Corner(Director, LAC Limited)
Hisato Ogata(Director and Design Engineer , takram design engineering)
Daisuke Tomita(Associate Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Otemon Gakuin University)
Kosei Sakamoto(Director, Monochrome Circus / Dancer / Choreographer)


Junji Watanabe(Scientist, NTT Communication Science Laboratories)