Photo: courtesy of Asian Arts Theatre (2015)

Photo: Courtesy of Asian Arts Theatre (2015)


Mark Teh (Kuala Lumpur)

2.9 Tue18:00
2.10 Wed16:00 / 19:30
Professional (Registration required) Audience
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Language: English(Subtitled in Japanese)

Conceived and directed by: Mark Teh
Produced by: Five Arts Centre (Kuala Lumpur)
Commissioned by: Asian Arts Theatre (Gwangju)
Co-produced by: Asian Arts Theatre (Gwangju), Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2016 Executive Commitee, Kyoto Experiment (Kyoto)
Supported by: The Royal Arts Gala (Malaysia) and Sime Darby Foundation (Kuala Lumpur)

On December 28, 1955, a small schoolroom in northern Malaya became a historic site. What would come to be known as the “Baling Talks” was an unique attempt to bring peace to the Malayan peninsula devastated by war. Reconstructing this historically significant event based on publicly available transcripts, Mark Teh looks at questions on nation formation with performer-researchers who share similar and contrasting political views to the participants of the Talk. In the process, the meanings of nation, loyalty, terrorism, reconciliation, sacrifice, surrender and independence are constantly modified and remediated, and the “roles” taken by individual performers also vaguely slip in between. One of the most acclaimed pieces in the Opening Festival of the Asian Arts Theatre, Gwanju, Korea, in 2015.

Mark Teh

Mark Teh is a director, curator and researcher whose diverse projects are particularly engaged with the issues of history, memory and the urban context. His collaborative work is situated primarily in performance and education, but also operates via exhibitions, new media, writing and social interventions. He graduated with an MA in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London, and currently teaches at the Department of Performance & Media, Sunway University. Mark is a member of Five Arts Centre – a collective of artists, activists and producers based in Malaysia.

Mark Teh

Five Arts Center

Photo: Andy Darrel Gomes

Photo: Andy Darrel Gomes