Dance Archive Project 2016

 Yoshito Ohno Lecture – Performance : It was that way.
 Kumotaro Mukai : Butoh? Presentation Show / A La Maison De M. MUROVECI
 Saiko Kino : Dance Becoming Physical Education through the life and work of Kazuo Ohno, the PE Teacher

Dance Archives Network

BankART Studio NYK 3F 3B & 3C gallery
3-9 Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
2.11 Thu14:00-15:00 Saiko Kino
20:30-21:30 Yoshito Ohno
2.12 Fri19:00-20:00 Yoshito Ohno
2.13 Sat17:30-18:30 Yoshito Ohno
21:30-22:30 Kumotaro Mukai
2.14 Sun14:30-15:30 Saiko Kino
18:00-19:00 Kumotaro Mukai
Each Performance¥3,000
Two Performances¥5,000
Three Performances¥6,000
:Two Performances ¥4,500
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Launched in 2014, this is the third occasion we present the Dance Archive Project. At the outset, our focus was not just on creating new works inspired by the archive materials, but also on collecting documentation and memorabilia connected to the late Kazuo Ohno and Japanese dance history in the modern times. Over the intervening years we have continually worked with a variety of media forms, notably performance and in-situ exhibitions. For the upcoming Dance Archive Project, we will broaden our horizons by incorporating words, images and symbols in the form of lecture-performances, through which we will try to convey the archives deeper significance and to interpret the archived documents by means of direct and vigorous debate with the audience. The true meaning in collecting dance archives materials resides not in the fact of conserving them for future generations but rather the ability to transmit and constantly re-evaluate their contents from contemporary perspectives. The project’s ambition is to render archive research visible in such a way as to accord it a new value, and to demonstrate its significance and usefulness.


Dance Archives Network

Centred around the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio (Yokohama), the NPO Dance Creative Resources (Tokyo), and the Pina Bausch Foundation (Wuppertal), this project is working towards the establishment of creative dance archives in Japan. Launched in 2012, the vast documentation left behind by three of the dance world’s seminal figures Kazuo Ohno, Tatsumi Hijikata, and Pina Bausch have since been shared with an ever growing wider public, while at the same time being progressively publishing and classified. We are looking forward to even more extensive co-production so to create new dance archives in the future.

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