“Breakdown in Classroom” Photo: Yasuhiro Nishi

Seven Stars

usagi stripe(Tokyo)

Atelier Shunpusha
2-22-17 Mukaihara, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
2.8 Mon19:30
2.9 Tue19:30
2.10 Wed19:30
2.11 Thu19:30
2.12 Fri19:30
2.13 Sat14:00 / 18:00
2.14 Sun14:00 / 18:00

Run Time:60 min
Adv & Door¥2,800
Student¥2,500 (ID required)


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An underground garage. A man, smoking cigarette, assembles a bicycle alone. He certainly won’t be able to get out of there for a long time. On that day, the man was supposed to ride a smaller bicycle and go see the space shuttle with a certain child.

usagi stripe

Founded in 2010. The company stages theater pieces by playwright and director Yoko Oike. For the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater’s “God Save the Queen”, Oike staged Metro, a play that used the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin incident as a background to depict people’s crisscrossing thoughts. In December 2013, she became the artistic director of the Atelier Shunpusha. Oike participated in the July 2014 Toga Director’s Competition, staging a production of Yukio Mishima’s Yoroboshi.

usagi stripe

Contact: Komaba Agora Theater Phone: 03-3467-2743
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