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The Mirror of Orpheus

Marie Arishiro(Tokyo)

3-49-15 1F, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
2.13 Sat18:00


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Darkness on earth is even thicker than the darkness of the underworld. Orpheus could not bring his wife back from the land of the dead. But did he truly return to the land of the living with nothing? Is it possible to dance to express the memory, the past, and the materiality of flesh? Is it possible to dance to express what creates the present moment? This piece is inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus’ return from the underworld and Kantor’s theory of theater.

Marie Arishiro

Major in French literature and art history. Participant in Mitsuyo Uesugi Tuesday Meetings since 2009. Has performed in pieces including Yumi Sagara’s Boundary (2011). Participant in the Ko Murobushi workshop beginning in 2014. In 2015, choreographed solo works including On the Brink, Drowned Angel, and After Killing Thousands of Angels Every Morning.

電話: 090-6197-9852 / Email