Shuta Hasunuma New Philharmonic

Photo: Takehiro Goto

Composition: New Philharmonic

Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall

2.11 Tue 17:00

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Shuta Hasunuma, who started as a solo electronica musician, started to form a community called “Philharmonic” by reversing and opening the private time inside headphones into shared and public space as if turning a can inside out and through replacing timelines by diverse players to perform across the fields of expression. It can be said that their performance emerges as a “landscape,” and audience can stay there, meet and share while keeping their own time just as the players do, neither being subjected as receivers nor actively involving themselves in what is going on.

Shuta Hasunuma (composition, piano, synthesizer, electric piano), Shuta Ishizuka (bass, guitar), Itoken (drums, synthesizer), Yoshio Ootani (sax), Toshihiko Kasai (PA), Misato Kinoshita (chorus, piano), K-Ta (marimba), Utena Kobayashi (steelpan), Tomohiko Gondo (euphonium), Ryosuke Saito (guitar), Jimanica (drums), Roy Tamaki (rap), Hiroki Chiba (violin, bass), Eriko Tejima (viola), Chiaki Miura (flugelhorn, glockenspiel), So Ozaki (stage manager), Atsuki Kikuchi (advertising art), Ryoichi Kiyomiya (production coordinator), Akiko Saito (editor), Atsushi Sasaki (critic), THEATRE PRODUCTS (costume concept), Megumi Sato (technician), Masayoshi Takada (lighting), Yuko Mohri (decoration and apparatus)

Shuta Hasunuma


Shuta Hasunuma

Born in 1983 in Tokyo. In addition to his own recordings and the concerts in and outside of Japan of Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra, he has produced a number of commission works and collaborations with films, advertisements, performing arts and contemporary art. Presented an exhibition soundlike in 2013 in Tokyo and Kobe. Releases Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra’s album Time plays — and so do we. in January 2014. Resides in New York from early summer 2014 invited by Asian Cultural Council.