JK Anicoche

JK Anicoche is an action star storyteller of multiple artistic-identities. He is the Artistic Director of contemporary performance company – the Sipat Lawin Ensemble and the Festival Director of Karnabal Performance and Social Innovation Festival 2013-present. He is the founder of “Project Banig: Storytelling Everywhere Nation-wide Volunteer Campaign”. JK is a fellow of Japan Foundation Asia Center’s HANDS Project: Creativity and Disaster Education 2014-2015 and Monsoon 2015 Asia-Australia-Europe Performance Residency in Sydney Australia. He teaches Directing and Company courses at the Phil. High School for the Arts.

Sipat Lawin Ensemble

image Photo: Geloy Concepcion

2015/8/22 Sat




7C Masigla


Sipat Lawin Ensemble

Sipat Lawin Ensemble is a theatre company located in Manila. It aims to develop a contemporary theater experience shared among artists and audiences inside and/or outside the theater.
Sipat Lawin Ensemble players (members): JK Anicoche, Ninya Bedruz, Claudia Enriquez, Meila Romero-Payawal, Ness Roque – Lumbres, Sarah Salazar, Alison Segarra, Adrienne Vergara

Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca is a poet and a dramatist in the 20th century. Born in 1898, he is known for having written works infused with popular themes such as Flamenco and Gypsy Culture. He died in 1936.


Jun Tsutsui

Leader, director, playwright and actor in dracom, an Osaka-based performing arts group. Winner of the 2007 Kyoto Art Center Performing Arts Award. Aside from his work with dracom, Tsutsui has also directed for the Dance Box project About Dances in Shin-Nagata, for the Tōenkai company. He has additionally appeared in works by choreographer Zan Yamashita, the Marebito Theater Company, the Ishinha company and works directed by Yoshiro Hatori.



Yasunori Ikeda

Born in Fukushima 1976. Filmmaker. Produces films using a unique narrative style without actors, including 3 Portraits and June Night(2013) consisting of three interviews and reenactments by himself and a 49-day documentary 7×7(2004). His work has been presented at film festivals both in Japan and overseas.