TPAM pre-event, TPAM Fringe Night will be held on Monday, Feb 3

Prior to upcoming TPAM2020 (Feb 8-16), we open the TPAM satellite information center TPAM SHIBUYA INFO-CENTER and have TPAM Fringe Night as a pre-event at shibuy-san, a tourist information and art center located in Shibuya.

What’s TPAM Fringe Night?

TPAM Fringe Night is an event mainly for TPAM Fringe artists/companies to have a networking opportunity with Japanese/overseas professionals in performing arts at shibuya-san, where Shibuya and the world intersect through art. As an opening event, Kaku Nagashima (Director, Festival/Tokyo), Ryuichiro Mori (Organizer, nagisato / In change of shibuya-san art centre), and Hiromi Maruoka (Director, TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama) have a cross talk session about highlights, history, and future view of TPAM Fringe.

About speakers

Kaku Nagashima
As one of pioneering dramaturges in Japan, Kaku Nagashima has collaborated with many theatre directors and companies. Recent years he got interested in bringing theatrical ideas and techniques out of the theatre to the town and takes actively part in art projects. Director of Festival/Tokyo since 2018. Special Guest Professor of Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Ryuichiro Mori
Organizer of nagisato. In change of shibuya-san art centre. Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Global Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. President/Adviser of Tokyo City Ballet.

Hiromi Maruoka
President of PARC – Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication, Director of TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama and Vice President of ON-PAM – Open Network for Performing Arts Management.

From the per-event until the end of TPAM2020 (Feb 3-16), shibuya-san functions as TPAM Information Center filled with flyers and posters of TPAM and TPAM Fringe performances to raise public awareness about TPAM and TPAM Fringe.

General informaiton

TPAM Fringe Night: 19:00-23:00 on Monday, Feb 3

Talk session: 19:00-20:00 on Monday, Feb 3

TPAM SHIBUYA INFO-CENTER: Monday, Feb 3 – Sunday Feb 16

Venue: shibuya-san

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