Photo by bozzo

Solo Butoh Dance Performance 『The Rainbow in “Left” ーSwinging back』

Marie Arishiro

Galerie Paris
Nihon-odori 14, Naka-ku, Yokohama(view on map)
2.19 Sun19:00
上演時間Run time 60 min

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When I was a child, whenever I heard the word “left,” I would see a rainbow. The sensation of seeing folds of air in rainbow, like music in my ear. It remains even now. Suddenly, I find myself walking along a steep cliff. I cannot help but hold my breath, and stand paralyzed. Total darkness covers the abyss. To recover my warm breath once again and walk along the edge, I dance with but emptiness. A dance to exorcise the devil.

Marie Arishiro

Major in French literature and art history. Participant in Mitsuyo Uesugi Tuesday Meetings since 2009. Has performed in pieces including Yumi Sagara’s Boundary (2011). Participant in the Ko Murobushi workshop beginning in 2014. Choreographed solo works including On the Verge, Drowned Angel, and After Killing Thousands of Angels Every Morning in 2015, The Mirror of Orpheus(participated in TPAM Showcase) and The Rainbow in “Left”, Rainbow-Hem and Haw in 2016. ,

Marie Arishiro