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2.14 Tue16:00
2.15 Wed16:00
上演時間Run time 45 min
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Japanese(Subtitled in English)

Kenobi’s presentation has always been unique in that there are only direction that is useful also in daily life and its execution. They have recently reflected on the way the sensation that finds appreciation in a taste that is neither sweet nor spicy (and what cannot be sensed by a tongue) exists through their workshop entitled Side-dish Stone (since 2012) where participants eat rice with stones as side dish and other projects. In continuation of the exploration, this is a new work after a three-year interval by Yoshiro Hatori, who has also been working outside of the company on projects including Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival KYOTO EXPERIMENT Fringe The Useful Program, and members from various places in Japan.

  • Commissioned by LUCKY HAPPY STUDIO
  • Premiered 30 October 2016 at Art Lab Hashimoto


Active since 2009, Kenobi has organized workshop series Self-Government across Japan to create “instruction/direction” by generalizing “appreciation” that participants conceive and to brush up on it by assembling “steps” that anyone can perform. Among their recent works are Equal Equal Powers (2010) and For a New Inn (2011) that were created with the same methodology and Wilkinson and Stones (2013) that referred to the modern history of the adoption of carbonated water in Japan.