Photo: Tsukasa Aoki

Integrated Dance Company Kyo’s 4th production
“Power Pole” “les gens de Tokyo〈People in Tokyo〉” 

Integrated Dance Company Kyo

Art Centre of Tokyo (White Studio)
1-4-1 Senjyu, Adachi-ku, Tokyo(view on map)
2.18 Sat18:00
2.19 Sun15:00
上演時間Run time30 min x 2 (with intermission) + Post-performance talk

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The company’s 4th production is a double-bill performance of two new pieces choreographed by Didier Théron from France, who received acclaim for his work performed in Aichi Triennale, and Takuro Suzuki, an up-and-coming director. Didier hopes the audience to witness what will emerge through dialogues among the unique and individual bodies on stage, especially in this time of rising chauvinism. Takuro Suzuki will create a theatrical dance piece based on Kenji Miyazawa’s March by Moonlight. A delightful experience is expected from the curious combination of two different works.

Integrated Dance Company Kyo

Since 1990, the Creative Art Executive Committee has constantly sought for new forms of art that include people with and without disability, and Integrated Dance Company Kyo was founded in 2014 to explore unknown possibilities of dance expression based on diverse physicality by collaborating with dancers in wheelchair. The company’s past productions include Shiru To Iukoto by Yukio Suzuki, Open State by Adam Benjamin, and Border by Takiko Iwabuchi, all of which were performed in 2015. It continues to work on aspiring projects including collaborations with artists from home and abroad, and its activities has drawn attention as a bridge connecting the society and art. Takiko Iwabuchi is the Artistic Director and Yuko Ijichi the producer of the company.

Integrated Dance Company Kyo