Hiroshi Koike

The Restaurant of Many Orders

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project

1-10-1 Higashi Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama(view on map)
2.10 Fri19:00
2.11 Sat14:00
上演時間Run time80 min
*6-year-old to middle school student

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Japanese(English synopsis provided)

The Restaurant of Many Orders is the first production after the director Hiroshi Koike dissolved the international performing arts company, Pappa TARAHUMARA. This is a play, and also at the same time, a dance. The actors on stage are human, and at the same time, animals in the forest. It is a comedy, and at the same time, a tragedy. Please don’t miss the latest piece of Hiroshi Koike, the leading director of world’s performing arts.

  • Organized by: KANACK-HALL
  • Back up: Kanagawa-ku
  • Premiered in June 2012 at Nagareyama Cultural Center

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project

Hiroshi Koike, who is a native of Japan, founded the “Hiroshi KOIKE Bridge Project (HKBP)” in June 2012. We aim to create the “Bridge” between the boundary of Culture, Time, and Countries as an Art project, which takes place in Japan and Asia. We are producing not only performing arts, but we also hold workshops, exhibit artworks, and create various media, such as film, photography, and writing.

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project