Ftarri Presents New Waves of Improv in Tokyo

Yui Nakamura + biki / Wakana Ikeda + Aya Naito + Hikaru Yamada + Tomoe Takizawa / Yuma Takeshita + Yuji Ishihara + Takashi Masubuchi / Straytone + Riuichi Daijo + Masahide Tokunaga

Okano Building B1F, 1-4-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo(view on map)
2.17 Fri19:30
上演時間Run time 150 min

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Improvised music has a long history in Japan, and more than a few performers have become well known both in the country and abroad. That said, the scene is modest, and we believe it is difficult to get a sense of what is happening at the moment. Musicians with a degree of experience are hard enough to keep track of, let alone trends among the younger generation. So, drawing on our experience running a live concert venue, we have brought together young musicians from around Tokyo who have performed for Ftarri; through their performances, we hope to give you some idea of “the sound of tomorrow.”


Ftarri is a CD/record shop focusing on improvised music. Roughly twice a week, we host live concerts by musicians specialized in improvisation (both Japanese and foreign) in the open space in our Suidobashi store. We also run a CD label, distributing our releases wholesale in the West as well as Japan. In addition, every few years we hold the Ftarri Festival, an improvised music event that features many musicians from overseas. Through these activities, we energetically promote the circulation of Japanese improvised music abroad and exchanges between performers from all over.