Photography by Ryo Mitamura

circo de sastre

circo de sastre

BankART Studio NYK 3F 3C Gallery
3-9 Kaigaidori, Naka-ku, Yokohama(View on Map)
2.19 Sun17:00
上演時間Run time120 min
Student Adv¥2,500
Student Door¥2,800
U-18Free *Reservation required

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A circus of sound, fabric and light, brought to you by a musician, a needleworker and a light artist. Quivering fabric, projected lights and shades, spreading odors; noise, silence, breathing. Deeply, sharply, delicately. A fantasy world that unfolds amid sound, fabric and light: is it theater, dance or circus? A new form of expression is about to be born.

circo de sastre

Contemporary circus group circo de sastre (Spanish for “the tailors’ circus”) consists of Daiho Soga and Gandhi of CINEMA dub MONKS, who have enchanted so many at home and abroad with their “narrative music”; fashion designer Takayuki Suzuki, whose namesake brand is one of the foremost in Tokyo; and light artist Takashi Watanabe, whose unique light direction has been praised from all quarters. They started out in 2014, having already performed a few times together.

circo de sastre