Photo: Manaho Kanako

Baobab Repertoire Showcase 2017
B “Laughing frame” “2020”

Wataru KITAO / Baobab

Steep Slope Studio Hall
26-1 Oimatsu-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama(view on map)
2.16 ThuA 16:00 / B 20:00
2.17 FriB 14:00
2.18 SatB 16:00 / A 20:00
2.19 SunA 14:00
上演時間Run time60 min
High school and below¥1,000
General for A & B¥4,000
Student for A & B¥3,000
High school and below
for A & B

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Dance company Baobab is putting on three pieces from its repertoire, in anticipation of future performances overseas.

Inspired by Kyoto’s Teramachi Street, this work focuses on senses of physicality and beauty that are particular to Japan. Powerful, noble, “indigenous bodies” shake the earth, in the ever-rising heat of the group dance.

  • Performers: Wataru Kitao, Saori Yoneda, Hikaru Tsutagawa, Yu Okamoto (TABATHA), Ayane Nakagawa (Suichu Megane∞), Shun Nakamura

“Laughing Frame”
Simulating a painting, this dance portrays a dancer hungrily seeking to leap out of the constraints of the “frame.”

  • Performers: Wataru Kitao, Saori Yoneda, Fuyuko Mezawa, Yu Okamoto (TABATHA)

This is the latest solo piece by Wataru Kitao, whose body has carried him over his career through many a theatrical art. He exhibits the influence of each in his dance, donning a costume of transience.

  • Performer: Wataru Kitao

Wataru KITAO / Baobab

Wataru Kitao, the leader of dance company Baobab, is one of the hottest young choreographers in contemporary dance, having won the Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Award 2012, and the Elsur Foundation’s New Artist Award in the award’s third year. For each works, KITAO casts suitable dancers and actors and describe not only body but also human character. “Sometimes they are talking, singing, laughing a lot and often crying.”

Wataru KITAO / Baobab


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