©bozzo|2016 Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa “Chromosome Organism”

Civilization from Outer Space

Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa

Ise Building B1F, 1-3-1 Isezakicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama(view on map)
2.17 Fri19:30
2.18 Sat19:30
上演時間Run time60 min
Student Adv¥1,500
Student Door¥2,000

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Japanese(Partially subtitled in English)

In Civilization from Outer Space, an new artistic act which has not existed yet on the earth, is created by encountering a strange civilization. We focus the duality of time and space. In order to produce the state that depends, and at the same time, does not depend on a place we fuses the earth and the other places. We don’t know where it is conducted yet, maybe interstellarly, maybe in the atmosphere, or maybe inside of a human being. This work is a performance art that can adapt the earth and all the other places.

  • Direction: Ayaka Ono, Akira Nakazawa
  • Performance: Ayaka Ono
  • Costume: Shun Hidaka, Kotoha Yokozawa
  • “Advertising Photo: bozzo, Yoko Miura
  • Advertising Design: Mahaya Takara
  • English Translation: Natsuho Kawada
  • Support of Management: Ayako Murai
  • Supports: The CAVE, HIDAKA, kotohayokozawa
  • Production: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Pi & Co.

Ayaka ONO

Choreographer, Dancer, Performer.
Started Pi & Co. with Akira NAKAZAWA since 2012, engages in all of the works, as well as she produces solo works by herself.


Environmental artist, Theater maker, Videographer, Performer.
Started Pi & Co. with Ayaka ONO since 2012, directs all of the works.

Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Pi & Co.