Participate in TPAM either as a “Presenter” or “Audience” of performing arts!


“Presenter” of Performing Arts

Not only artists and producers but also cultural organizations, funders, scholars, critics and everyone who connects works of art and audience.

“Audience” of Performing Arts

Audience can see performances that professionals want to show / see at reasonable prices, and part of the Networking Programs is also open to the public.

Register for TPAM!

Registration Fee: ¥3,500
Registration form
Online registration is now closed
Registration available at TPAM Information Desk (Yokohama Creativecity Center 1F) during the TPAM period.

TPAM Pass issued
Access to the contact list, ecobag and program booklet
Take part in all the Networking Programs
TPAM Showcase benefits offered

You can access to the contact list and manage your bookings from TPAM My Page!


All the Showing Programs require reservation and payment separately from the registration fee. TPAM Pass does not work as admission to the TPAM Direction and TPAM Co-Production (see below).

Deadline for online registration: Feb. 4 23:59
Registration available at TPAM Information Desk (Yokohama Creativecity Center 1F) during the TPAM period.

Purchase Tickets!

(Please be aware that booking procedures vary!)

TPAM Direction
TPAM Co-Production


On sale from Jan. 24

See a list for ticket agency

Ticket Kanagawa
• Windows
Kanagawa Arts Theatre (10am–6pm)
Kanagawa Kenmin Hall(10am-6pm)
Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall (1pm–5pm, closed on Mon)
• TEL 0570-015-415 (10am–6pm)

• WEB Visit the sales webpage


TPAM Showcase

Regular prices of each show
(available at each show’s box office)

When you are registered,
you will have the access to your ‘MyPage’
where you can manage your bookings.

TPAM Direction
TPAM Co-Production

Free〜¥1,500 each, or flat rate ¥4,000 after purchasing tickets for more than ¥4,000.

(reservation required, availability limited, not repeatable for the same show)
To apply the flat rate, the tickets must be booked by 4 February 2015 through TPAM MyPage.
(Flat rate won’t apply when you book the tickets at the information desk or at the door)

Performance online reservation deadline: Feb. 4

TPAM Showcase

Benefits are offered to TPAM registrants
(services vary, reservation required, availability limited)

TPAM Exchange

2.11 Wed 11:30 – 17:00
2.12 Thu 11:30 – 17:00

Group Meeting Host Registration
(propose a theme and gather participants: from ¥6,000)

1st deadline: 1.15 Thu
Final deadline: 2.2 Mon 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)
• Meeting information that will have been registered by the 1st deadline will be on the website, program booklet and timetable. Registrations after that will be on the website and timetable.

Speed Networking Reservation
(one-on-one meetings with international presenters)