Yutaka Kuramochi

Photo: Hiroshi Manaka

Contemporary Noh Plays VII

“About Hanako”

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2.16 Sun 14:00

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TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥5,000

“Creation of repertoires,” “dissemination of performing arts to the world” and “fusion of traditional performing arts and contemporary theatre” are the three objectives of the “Contemporary Noh Collection” series produced and supervised by Mansai Nomura, the artistic director of Setagaya Public Theatre. The 7th project in the series invites Yutaka Kuramochi, who leads Penguin Pull Pale Piles and directs a number of other productions, as the playwright / director. An omnibus show with three plays which are based on the noh play Aoi no Ue, kyogen play Hanako, and Yukio Mishima’s Modern Noh Play “Hanjo.”

Contact: Setagaya Public Theatre 03-5432-1515


Yutaka Kuramochi


Yutaka Kuramochi

Playwright / director. Born in Kanagawa and graduated from the Department of Economics, Gakushuin University. Founded the theatre company Penguin Pull Pale Piles in 2000, and has written and directed all the pieces of the company. Cynical points of view, firm storylines, gripping dialogues and tempo are the characteristics of his direction. His One Man Show won the 48th Kishida Kunio Drama Award, and he has been writing for and directing a number of productions. This is his second appearance in the Contemporary Noh Collection, following the fifth project Shuntokumaru, Shunkan-san, Ai no Kodo (2010).

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