Yukina Sakai and Momoko Shiraga

Photo: Kazuyuki Matsumoto

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By making the team composition and technical specification as simple as possible, we improved the mobility of the pieces and aimed to have audience and the creators enjoy dance itself. The contents are based on an idea that the motivations of movements should be external so that the pieces extensively intervene into others. These two solo pieces by the two choreographers, choreographed for each other, were premiered at Kanagawa Arts Theatre in October 2013. In this direction they deepen the concepts and present their updated worldview.

Choreographed and performed by: Yukina Sakai, Momoko Shiraga

Yukina Sakai

Photo: Kenichi Aikawa

Yukina Sakai

Having established reputation for her flexible and subtle expression, she has appeared in a variety of pieces while constantly creating her own pieces with unique spatial qualities since 2007. She has also been active in genre-crossing projects including theatre, music video, architecture, fine art, choreography for and appearance in advertisements. She was given the Future Prize of the 60th Kanagawa Cultural Award. A support artist of Steep Slope Studio in 2013.

Momoko Shiraga

Photo: Momo Kitagawa

Momoko Shiraga

Founded Momonga Complex in 2005. Receiving praise for her choreography and direction that employ senselessness and uselessness to create unique spaces, the company was selected as one of the Kirarink☆Companies and was based at KIRARI#9734;FUJIMI Cultural Centre of Fujimi City from April 2008 to March 2011. They have also been presenting short pieces and such events as Yokohama Triennale 2008 and Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale 2009. A support artist of Steep Slope Studio in 2013.