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Communication Programs

TPAM Cine´ma

Digital World Premiere of the Full Recording of Story of Smallpox [Hosotan] by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno Memorial Screening
※DVD screening

KAZUO OHNO photo by Takashi Kashibe


Venue: Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC) 1F cafe´ space (access)
Dates: February 14 (Mon) 17:00, 15 (Tue) 17:00, 16 (Wed) 17:00
Admission: ¥0

February 14 (Mon) 17:00

Story of Smallpox [Hosotan] (1972) Filmed by Keiya Ouchida, B&W, 95 minutes
Story of Smallpox [Hosotan] is one of the Twenty-Seven Nights for Four Seasons[Shiki no tame no niju-nana ban] that was presented in autumn 1972, after his 4-year silence since Revolt of the Body [Nikutai no Hanran] in 1968. It was a monumental piece with drastic conversion from butoh in the 60s in its philosophy, style, method, expression and casting. It gave an irreversible turn to butoh and significantly influenced the next generation. This film is the only complete recording of a performance with Hijikata on stage.

February 15 (Tue) 17:00

Flower (2009-2010) 48 minutes
A compilation of six short films on Kazuo Ohno’s activities from 2000, when he notably lost his stamina, to his 103rd birthday in 2009 including his last solo performance Hana [Flower] in 2001.

February 16 (Wed) 17:00

Jesus, Flower, Death, Life (2006) Directed by Kouki Tange, 32 minutes
A documentary film by a talented filmmaker Kouki Tange that captured dance language flowing out from Kazuo Ohno’s body through depicting his quiet daily life in his private room and studio in 2006, when he accomplished the age of 100.

Kazuo Ohno (1995) Directed by Daniel Schmid, 14 minutes
A filmic gem featuring Kazuo Ohno by Daniel Schmid, who was known for his decadent aesthetics. The visional scene in which he dances at the Port of Tokyo in the dusk is bound to be long remembered as the most beautiful dance image of Kazuo Ohno.

Special Cooperation: Keio University Arts Center, Butoh Laboratory Japan, Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, Liaison of International Butoh, Aichi Arts Center, Canta Co., Ltd., Yellow Brain


Opening Reception

Venue: Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) (access)
Date: 16. February 17:45 - 18:45


TPAM in Yokohama Welcome Party@BankART Studio NYK

Venue: BankART Studio NYK (access)
Date 18. February 21:30 - 23:00
Admission: TPAM Pass Holer ¥0, The other ¥500

Contact: BankART1929 045-663-2812


FAIFAI presents HASHIGO!!! closing party for TPAM&We dance 2011

HASHIGO means “hopping”!!! You can have fun all night long with bar-hopping!! Dance in the cafe´! Dance in the club! Dance in the museum!
Dance on the roadside! Let’s try HASHIGO party??? And dance with faifai???

19/02/2011 Saturday 21:00~29:00(5:00)
¥2000(only door ticket)

Cafe Shicho-shitsu Koganecho Yokohama
2-7 Koganecho Naka-ku Yokohama Kanagawa-ken
TEL : 045-251-3979

Ho Ho-Do×DJs (DJ did I die?/DJ enchn)



AND MORE!!!!!!! /


TPAMiY Closing Party!

February 20 21:00 - 24:00
@BankART Studio NYK

23:00 Tadasu Takamine Melody Cup Team(Toru Yamanaka. ex dumbtype) DJ Time Start!
admission :1,000YEN with 2 drink

Enjoy til last moment!