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Booth Presentation


Exhibitors can have a booth in the gallery space of Kanagawa Kenmin Hall. With documents and videos, exhibitors' activities can be promoted in detail toward individual presenters who visit the booth. We look forward to participation of such players as performing arts companies or artists, public venues, national and international festivals, production companies or cultural institutions.

We are broadcasting Booth Presentation of TPAM 2009 on YouTube

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L booth-for 4 person / S Booth-for 2 person
February 17 (Thu), 18 (Fri) and 19 (Sat), 2011
Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, the gallery space
  • *Exhibitors can bring in computers and monitors, and they can also hire optional equipments (registration and fees are required).
Booth Presentation
Booth Presentation
Booth Presentation