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What's TPAM?

What is Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama / TPAM in Yokohama?
-It is a place for presentations by performing arts professionals.

Excellent works of "art," "public services" including education, and sharing of "enjoyment."
We have been thinking that the role of a theater as a public space consists of these three elements, and that might be similar to the role of a "creative city."

Recently, contemporary art and interactive performance have been liberating conventional cultural spaces such as museums or theaters and transforming them into experimental and open "living spaces" where people can gather regardless of classes or nationalities, aspiring to interaction between art, cities and citizens that transcends social hierarchy. Awareness of the necessity of creating this atmosphere has been shared among professional players such as theaters, producers, presenters or programmers, not to mention artists, and diverse practices have been becoming visible.

Held in the creative quarter of Yokohama, the first city that declared the Creative City" policy in Japan, TPAM in Yokohama unites experimental minds of performing arts and creativity of cities, organizes information exchange and concrete presentations of excellent performing arts, deepens discussions, creates everything that the word "meeting" can mean, and aim for movement rooted in Yokohama toward international exchange and creative evolution of performing arts.


Artists and performing arts professionals gather in Yokohama to take part in TPAM !
February 14 (Mon) - 20 (Sun), 2011
*February 14 (Mon) - 16 (Wed): IETM Satellite Meeting is held jointly with TPAM in Yokohama.


Taking full advantage of the creative quarter of Yokohama as a platform, we create omnidirectional performing arts environment!
Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC), Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT), Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1, Zou-no-Hana Terrace, Steep Slope Studio, ST Spot, Yokohama Nigiwai-za, BankART Studio NYK, and others


Yokohama will become a producing center of performing arts in Japan through engagement in creative and innovative performing arts, building of an international performing arts platform and network, and development of performing arts artists from Yokohama!

Participants, Visitors and the Scale

TPAM in Yokohama creates international and lively atmosphere, having artists and performing arts professionals from the world stroll around the city, and participation of wide-range visitors contributes to creation of new audience!

・Core programs: 1,100 national participants and 230 international participants
・Total number of participants and visitors including showcase viewers: 25,000
*Statistics in 2009

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Executive Committee (The Japan Foundation; Kanagawa Arts Foundation; Yokohama Arts Foundation; Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication)

Secretariat: Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication

Supported by (planned): Kanagawa Prefecture; City of Yokohama, APEC & Creative City Headquarters; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Agency for Cultural Affairs; The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan, Kanagawa Shimbun, Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau; NHK Yokohama Broadcasting Station

Programs (planned):
1. Booth Presentation
2. Meetings and Seminars
3. Speed Networking
4. TPAM Direction (Showcases curated by selected directors)
5. International Showcase
6. Visual Presentation Plus
7. Open Space
8. TPAM Showcase (fringe-type showcase)
9. Showcase based on invited applications
10. Associated Performances and Related Projects

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