Tab.3『雲路と氷床』Tab.3 "Lightning talk is working in silence."


〒231-0045 横浜市中区伊勢佐木町1丁目3-1 伊勢ビル地下1FMapIse Bldg. B1F, 1-3-1 Isezaki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0045 Map
2.15 Thu 19:15
2.16 Fri 11:15 / 15:15
上演時間Run Time 75 min

前売 一般 ¥3,000 *2017年12月25日(月)0時から2018年2月7日(水)24時まで販売

当日 一般 ¥3,500 *2018年2月8日(木)0時より販売

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当日 三枚綴り ¥8,700(¥2,900/枚)

前売 学生団体割(4人 / 要学生証提示) ¥8,400(¥2,100/枚)

当日 学生団体割(4人 / 要学生証提示) ¥10,400(¥2,600/枚)




Adv General ¥3,000 *From 0AM Dec 25, 2017 until 24PM Feb 7, 2018

Door General ¥3,500 *From 0AM Feb 8, 2018

Adv 2 discounted tickets ¥5,400 (¥2,700 / per ticket)

Door 2 discounted tickets ¥6,400 (¥2,700 / per ticket)

Adv 3 discounted tickets ¥7,200 (¥2,700 / per ticket)

Door 3 discounted tickets ¥8,700 (¥2,700 / per ticket)

Adv A group of 4 students ¥8,400 (¥2,700 / per ticket) *ID required 

Door A group of 4 students ¥10,400 (¥2,700 / per ticket) *ID required 

Payment for Adv tickets muct be made through a bank trasfer.

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥600 discount from General tickets

Reservation starts on Dec, 25.

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The economic recovery before you were born, the long economic stagnation, and the time since the tsunami — you know that they have nothing to do with your life. Despite that, what do you want to talk about in your theater this time? The two of you should keep talking it through. Don't give up after trying it once. Never translate it into some short, popular phrase again. Don't make a frivolous attempt to access the "here and now." Make me speak less. Lend your ear to this small, shallow world. Take a more roundabout route.

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Founded by playwright Sugimoto Natsuki. In 2015, staged A Day for Sitting in Place, a play that changes with each performance. She was praised for establishing a new form of dramatic poetry in Kansai. In her Tab. project, she exposes the materiality of written and spoken language. In her Fig. project, she translates and reproduces her first script. Her work illuminates the tragedy of people who move through modern era with everyday language, believing that unspoken words should be heard. Nominated for the 15th AAF Prize for Drama.