スタジオアーキタンツstudio ARCHITANZ

新国立劇場 小劇場New National Theatre The Pit
〒151-0071 東京都渋谷区本町1-1-1Map1-1-1 Hon-machi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071Map
2.17 Sat 18:00
2.18 Sun 14:00 / 18:00
上演時間Run Time 120 min

前売 S席 ¥7,500

前売 A席 ¥5,500

当日 S席 ¥8,000

当日 A席 ¥6,000

TPAM参加登録者特典:S席 ¥7,000

Adv S seat ¥7,500

Adv A seat ¥5,500

Door S seat ¥8,000

Door A seat ¥6,000

TPAM Registrant Benefit: S seat ¥7,000


全くタイプの違う3つの作品を同時上演!2015年に初演をしたホ・ヨンスン振付作品を、今回日本初演の為に、今第一線で活躍中の魅力ある10名の日本人ダンサーが集結。30年に渡り、ピナ・バウシュと共に創作活動を行ってきたジュリー・アン・スタンザックによる日本初演作品。ジョヴァンニ・ディ・パルマ振付けによる『ロミオとジュリエット』より、バルコニーのパ・ド・ ドゥを上演。


Three different dance pieces, in three completely different styles! A new production of a 2015 piece by choreographer Young Soon Hue, featuring ten amazing dancers from the cutting edge of Japanese dance. The Japanese premier of a piece by Julie Anne Stanzak, who worked with Pina Bausch for over 30 years. A performance of the pas de deus from choreographer Giovanni di Palma's full ballet adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

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スタジオアーキタンツstudio ARCHITANZ


The name "ARCHITANZ" comes from "architecture" and "tanz" ("dance," in German). Both an architectural design office and a dance studio, ARCHITANZ creates a new and unique sensibility that is inspired by both architecture and dance. In 2001, ARCHITANZ established a dance studio based on the concept of "a global standard," featuring comprehensive lessons taught by instructors from around the world who are active on the cutting edge of dance. This studio aims to take advantage of an international network of talent to create a borderless public space.