Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2021 (TPAM2021) will be held from February 6 through 14, 2021. Pre-events mainly for local participants will be held at BankART Temporary (Yokohama Creativecity Center) from late January. We plan to announce the programs in November.

The period of TPAM Fringe, an open-call program that invites registrations of performances that are carried out in Yokohama and Tokyo during the period of TPAM, might be extended to that of the pre-events. Details about this and Fringe registration will be announced in mid-October.

Since there has not been sufficient reasons to believe that the bans on entry into Japan will be removed by February 2021, we have to assume that we will have much less physical attendances of international participants than before in 2021. Physical international meeting has been the foundation of TPAM, so it is likely that the programs will be under significant restrictions. But we will try to facilitate your involvement in alternative forms or deliver what we want to share with you via the Internet, so please consider saving the dates.

Direct exposure to the international participants was also one of the main reasons for artists based in Japan to take part in TPAM Fringe. At the same time, the number of Fringe participants has radically increased in the last 5-6 years, which has resulted in shortage of venues in Yokohama. So we will have a physical/online meeting inviting past Fringe participants to receive their feedback and discuss desirable forms of the Fringe on October 1. The meeting will be in Japanese, but we are more than happy to receive ideas, suggestions or requests by international Fringe participants in the past by email: please feel free to write to us at Next day we will have a panel discussion with English interpretation in response to the feedback, as one of the programs of “IETM Multi-location in Yokohama.”