Loo Zihan

Loo Zihan is a performance and moving-image artist based in Singapore. He is interested in the affectual transference and transmutation of shame in his work. His recent body of work strives to expose the tension between the flesh of the body with the bone of the archive. Zihan graduated with his Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 and his moving-image works have been selected and screened at various international film festivals. Zihan’s solo performances have also been presented at various performance events such as the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

Loo Zihan

image Photo: Samantha Tio

2014/12/29 Mon




Centre 42


The Necessary Stage

Formed in 1987 by our current Artistic Director Alvin Tan, The Necessary Stage (TNS) is a non-profit theatre company with charity status. Alvin Tan is also co-Artistic Director of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

Paddy Chew “Completely With/Out Character” (1999)

Paddy Chew (1960 – 1999) was the first Singaporean AIDS victim to come out to the general public. At the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015, Loo Zihan presented “With/Out”, a performance installation based on Chew’ s this work.


Yoshiro Hatori

Born in Brussels in 1989. Director and Founder of Kenobi, and director of “The Useful Program” (Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival – KYOTO EXPERIMENT, 2013 and 2014). He produced “trying” and “teaching” which can be said to be artistic direction in an expanded sense, for a workshop《Self-Government》 and ate rice with stones as a side dish in 《Side-Dish Stone》. He published Directions and Instructions – The However Goods in 2012.



Satoshi Nishizawa

Photographer and filmmaker. Uses cameras to record the daily lives of individuals, turning his attention even to the social and economic factors that are revealed in the images, eroding daily life whether willingly or not. Major exhibitions include “Satoshi Nishizawa: Hardcore of Documentary” (2011, Sanagi Fine Arts, Tokyo) and “Romantic Geography” (2014, TKG+, Taipei). Main screenings include “Tuesday Classes – Satoshi Nishizawa’s Hyakko (Hundred Lights)” (2013, Rikkyo University), and “Shingo Kanagawa – ‘Father’” (2015, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto).

Satoshi Nishizawa