Donna Miranda

Donna Miranda is a choreographer living and working in the Philippines. She studied Anthropology at the University of the Philippines and received specialized training in contemporary dance in Philippines and Europe. At the moment she is producing works that delimit the notion of the choreographic through critical engagements with the institutions of dance and the body. She makes a living as a development worker providing communication and advocacy support for public health and disaster risk reduction programs.

Donna Miranda

image Photo: Brendan Goco

2015/8/25 Tue




Donna’s house


Jun Tsutsui

Leader, director, playwright and actor in dracom, an Osaka-based performing arts group. Winner of the 2007 Kyoto Art Center Performing Arts Award. Aside from his work with dracom, Tsutsui has also directed for the Dance Box project About Dances in Shin-Nagata, for the Tōenkai company. He has additionally appeared in works by choreographer Zan Yamashita, the Marebito Theater Company, the Ishinha company and works directed by Yoshiro Hatori.



Yasunori Ikeda

Born in Fukushima 1976. Filmmaker. Produces films using a unique narrative style without actors, including 3 Portraits and June Night(2013) consisting of three interviews and reenactments by himself and a 49-day documentary 7×7(2004). His work has been presented at film festivals both in Japan and overseas.