Chey Chankethya

Chey Chankethya began training in Cambodian classical dance in the female role at the age of five. Kethya has worked under some of the world’s leading contemporary choreographers at World Dance Alliance choreographic labs in Brisbane, Hong Kong and New Delhi and has been a featured dancer in works by Emmanuèle Phuon, Peter Chin, Arco Renz and others which have toured extensively to Europe, the US and throughout Asia. Kethya is one of Cambodia’s most prolific choreographers and has created a large body of work in both classical and contemporary forms. Kethya received her master’s degree in dance/choreography from UCLA as a Fulbright Scholar, supported in part by the Asian Cultural Council in 2014. Kethya was a featured dancer in CRACK – a new work of Cambodian contemporary dance by German choreographer Arco Renz that was awarded the 2012 ZKB Patronage Prize in Zurich Switzerland in September 2012. She is also the Mo Ostin Performing Arts Award winner, 2013. She is an artistic director of Amrita Performing Arts.

Amrita Performing Arts

image Photo: Isaac Oboka

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Phnom Penh


National Circus School of Cambodia


UYFC (Union Youth Federations of Cambodia)

UYFC aims to help train Cambodian youth to preserve the past achievements and to achieve socio-economic development of the nation in the future. It opened in 1978, and then became a non-benefit, non-governmental organization in 1993.

Amrita Performing Arts

Based in Phnom Penh, Amrita Performing Arts is an international non-governmental organization devoted to producing Cambodian contemporary dance and theater, responding to the creative drive of a young generation of artists who lead their country’s ancient performing arts heritage into the future.

Royal Ballet of Cambodia

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia has been deeply associated with Khmer court for over one thousand years. It is also known as Apsara dance or Khmel Classical Dance.

Royal University of Fine Arts

The Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh traces its origin back to the École des Arts Cambodgiens, which was established in 1918. From 1975 to 1980, the university stopped all teaching temporarily, but reopened as the Royal University of Fine Arts in 1980.

Secondary School of Fine Arts

Along with the Royal University of Fine Arts, the Secondary School of Fine Arts is one of the only two state supported schools for music and the arts in Cambodia. Only students who have attended the Secondary School of Fine Arts are allowed to apply for the Royal University of Fine Arts.


Yoshiro Hatori

Born in Brussels in 1989. Director and Founder of Kenobi, and director of “The Useful Program” (Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival – KYOTO EXPERIMENT, 2013 and 2014). He produced “trying” and “teaching” which can be said to be artistic direction in an expanded sense, for a workshop《Self-Government》 and ate rice with stones as a side dish in 《Side-Dish Stone》. He published Directions and Instructions – The However Goods in 2012.



Satoshi Nishizawa

Photographer and filmmaker. Uses cameras to record the daily lives of individuals, turning his attention even to the social and economic factors that are revealed in the images, eroding daily life whether willingly or not. Major exhibitions include “Satoshi Nishizawa: Hardcore of Documentary” (2011, Sanagi Fine Arts, Tokyo) and “Romantic Geography” (2014, TKG+, Taipei). Main screenings include “Tuesday Classes – Satoshi Nishizawa’s Hyakko (Hundred Lights)” (2013, Rikkyo University), and “Shingo Kanagawa – ‘Father’” (2015, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto).

Satoshi Nishizawa