Photo by Junpei Iwamoto Design by Manabu Masuda Illustration by Yoshiko Ooishi

Photo by Junpei Iwamoto
Design by Manabu Masuda
Illustration by Yoshiko Ooishi


Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio

2.14 Sat 17:30
2.15 Sun 19:00

• Presenter ¥1,500

• Audience ¥2,500
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A new version of Mika Kurosawa’s masterpiece Jazzz Dance, performed by Mika Kurosawa and Kobe Dancers, will be restaged at TPAM right after its premiere in Kobe on February 7, 2015. Given some dance phrases rules, the dancers play the game of showing, withdrawing, layering and waiting t their own discretion, and create a one-time-only performance. It is a feast of dance by thirteen dancers, all charming and unique, based in the Kansai Region.
Kurosawa says, “This title does not refer to jazz dance, but is a tribute to the system of jazz music. We swim in jazz with dance. A “z” is added at every performance. The first jazz was in 1992.”

Director and Choreographer: Mika Kurosawa
Cast: Saaya Azuma, Aya, Ai Ito, Yuka Uchida, Ai Kawase, Kitamari, Shigemi Kitamura, Yu Shimomura, Sachie Tanaka, Misako Terada, Ayaka Nakama, Manami Fukuoka, Mika Fujiwara
Music: ooinu-no-fuguri (Jelno[Dr.],Kuniomi Taira[Ba.])
Costume: Yoko Yamamoto
Stage Manager: Kazushi Ota
Lighting: Asako Miura, Kinoe Mogi
Sound: Bunsho Nishikawa
Technical Assistant: Phan Trong Khuong

Illustration: Keiichi Ota

Illustration: Keiichi Ota

Mika Kurosawa

Born as a daughter of a dancers couple. Went to New York and followed the Judson movement from 1982 to 85. Upon her return to Japan she began her career as choreographer. Currently continuing her solo dance series Bara no Hito (The Rose Man); group works of Mika Kurosawa and Dancers; and the Mikazuki Kaigi, a unit of dancing college professors, she also participates in local community programs. People call her the Godmother of Japan’s contemporary dance circle.