td_n_Toroian Women

Photo: Momo Kitagawa

The Trojan Women

Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall

2.10 Tue 17:00

* A post-performance talk by Tadashi Suzuki is held
With English-Japanese interpretation


• Presenters ¥1,500
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• Audiences ¥2,500
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Since its premiere in 1974, this production has revealed the brutality of war — unchanging since the times of ancient Greece — through the visceral performances of the actors, trained in Suzuki’s signature method that combines traditional techniques from Japan and other world cultures.

Adapted and Directed by: Tadashi Suzuki
Based on the original text of Euripides
Translated by: Chiaki Matsudaira

Cast: Yasuhiro Fujimoto, Maki Saito, Aki Sato-Johnson, Yoichi Takemori, Daisuke Ueta, Haruo Ishikawa, Takato Hiragaki, Haruka Kiyama, Risa Kito, Sayaka Nakamura, Daiki Takeuchi, Masaharu Kato

Stage Manager: Michitomo Shiohara
Lighting: Makoto Niwa
Sound: Junya Kobayashi
Costume: Toshimi Mitsuda
Administration: Yoshie Shigemasa

SCOT(Suzuki Company of Toga)

SCOT’s home base in Toga village, Toyama prefecture, features rehearsal studios, residence halls, dining facilities, offices and six theatres, earning it a global reputation as a theatrical Holy Land. Since its 1972 international debut at the Théâtre des Nations Festival in Paris, the company has toured to eighty-four cities in thirty-one countries.



Tadashi Suzuki

Established SCOT (originally the Waseda Shōgekijō) in 1966, and relocated the company to Toga in 1976. While touring extensively around the world, he has developed and taught the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at numerous companies and institutions including the Juilliard School in New York and the Moscow Art Theater. Suzuki is also a member of the International Theatre Olympics Committee and founding member of the BeSeTo Festival (jointly organized by leading theatre professionals from Japan, China and Korea).