Photo by  Wakana Hikino

Photo by Wakana Hikino

Hikky Cancun Tornado

Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio

2.7 Sat 19:00
2.8 Sun 16:00

* A post-performance talk by Hideto Iwai is held
With English-Japanese interpretation


•Presenter ¥1,500

• Audience ¥2,500
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Premiered in 2003. Peace and the growing economy may be necessary for people to be happy but only those cannot make people happy. Through the eyes of the social withdrawals (Hikikomori), hiding in corners of society still today, Hikky Cancun Tornado puts humorous light on missteps, conflicts and contradictions contained in day-to-day communications within families.

Written and Directed by: Hideto Iwai
Cast: Kentaro Tamura, Mizuha Okada, Takumi Matsuzawa, Tetsu Hirahara, Chiang Li-mei
Technical manager: Takumi Tanizawa
Lighting designer: Daisuke Matsumoto
Light operator: Toshiko Wada
Sound designer: Yoshihiro Nakamura
Costume designer: Hikaru Komatsu
Subtitle: Miwa Monden, Chong Ami
Production manager: Asuka Tomita, Yayoi Fujiki
Producer: Sachiko Miyoshi, Atsuko Sakata, Yayoi Fujiki
Produced by: quinada.Inc, hi-bye



The theater company hi-bye was established by Hideto Iwai in 2003.
Iwai’s works often involve awkward situations, depicting with details and bitter humor how characters get flustered as their self-consciousness is made bare. His works are based on his own experience and interviews, and audience empathize with works full of poignant insight into the raw reality of life – be it family, love affairs, or office work.Their main works include Hikky Cancun Tornado, A Woman and The Hand. In 2014, the company celebrated its tenth anniversary with The Hand touring six cities in Japan which attracted a total of 5,500 spectators.

Photo: Toru Hiraiwa

Photo: Toru Hiraiwa

Hideto Iwai

An actor / playwright / director. Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Iwai experienced “withdrawal”, locking himself in the house from age 15 to 20. He formed the theatrical company hi-bye in 2003. Iwai’s works raw but funny, is mostly based on his own experience, and creates desperation and humor through his objective eyes looking at human relations surrounding his protagonists with extreme sensitivity to relationship with other people. In 2012, Iwai won the 30th Mukoda Kuniko Award for his play for NHK High Vision Special Drama Umu-to Umareru Sorekara-no Koto, and the following year the 57th Kishida Kunio Award for Aru Onna (A Woman).