TPAM in Yokohama 2016.02.06 - 02.14

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TPAM Co-Production

In preparation for launching international co-production projects with other Asian nations, TPAM this year will be presenting various programs of performances, meetings and interviews in association with its partners from Japan and abroad.

Pichet Klunchun and Myself is one of the monumental landmarks of international collaboration in performing arts bringing the two different cultures together on stage, and is still a sizzling topic today after almost a decade since its premiere. About ANGELS, by Yujiro Sagami at TPAM 2012, is going to be restaged with a dancer from Thailand this time. The Chinese up and coming world-touring duo will premiere Miniascape after about two monthes long residency in Japan.

For the interview project we have invited a producer from Japan with extensive experience in producing international collaborations mainly with Europe. With a central focus on South East Asia, this project will be covering the entire region of Asia in the future. The videos of the interviews will be uploaded and archived on the Internet.

Asian Artist Interview

Asian Artist Interview

Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC) 1F 2.7 Sat – 2.15 Sun Admission free What does “contemporary” mean in performing arts? What kind of historical backgrounds, social environment, personal experience or life style influence and inspire artistic expression, and how? What kind of perspective can be possible in today’s increasingly global society? Such questions are the main...

Jérôme Bel and Pichet Klunchun

Jérôme Bel and Pichet Klunchun

    Pichet Klunchun and myself Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Middle Studio 2.10 Tue 20:00 2.11 Wed 16:00 Language: English (with simultaneous translation in Japanese)   • Presenter: ¥1,500 購入リストに追加 Add to Basket 2015年02月10日 20:002015/02/10 20:00 2015年02月11日 16:002015/02/11 16:00 • Audience: ¥2,500 ※ Registration / Ticket There is one French dancer and choreographer known for his...

Yujiro Sagami

Yujiro Sagami

about ANGELS Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio 2.11 Wed 14:00 / 19:00 • Presenter: ¥1,500 購入リストに追加 Add to Basket 2015年02月11日 14:002015/02/11 14:00 2015年02月11日 19:002015/02/11 19:00 • Audience: ¥2,500 ※Registration / Ticket In this production I deal with the image of language that is conceived by the audience who watch a dancer’s body dancing in front...

Xiao Ke × Zi Han

Xiao Ke × Zi Han

Miniascape Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall 2.12 Thu 19:00 • Presenter ¥1,500 購入リストに追加 Add to Basket • Audience ¥2,500 ※ Registration / Ticket Miniascape (bonsai and garden art) is typical art form in China and Japan; the small landscape shows the similar aesthetics and people’s respect with nature. But is it also the same attitude in...

TPAM Co-Production Meeting Program

TPAM Co-Production Meeting Program

International collaboration, where artists from different countries work together to create a piece, has actively been carried out since the 1990s and produced a number of outcomes. That led public supporting systems from unilateral application to bilateral practice, and the awareness of the meaningfulness of systems that support art beyond their communal frameworks was raised....

舞台芸術AIRミーティング@TPAM & ショーケース in 京都(2012)

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Performing Arts Presenters’ Network Conference (2009)
IETM Asia Satellite Meeting (Yokohama, 2011)
TPAMiY Summer Session(2011)
Performing Arts AIR Meeting@TPAM (2012)
Performing Arts AIR Meeting@TPAM & Showcase in Kyoto (2012)


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• IETM Asia Satellite Meeting (Yokohama, 2011)
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